Swatch Monday: P2 Volume Gloss - Sweet Nanny

Hello my lovely friends!
   Although, this weekend the sun did not show up as I expected, I still couldn't let the Monday to pass without showing you a nail polish from my collection. Since the holographic ones, require sunlight, in order to show their real beauty, I decided to go for another nail polish for today and what shade could be better, if not the lovely P2 Volume Gloss - Sweet Nanny?
  The P2 cosmetics brand can be found in the Dm drugstores from Germany (if you find them in other countries too, let me know and I will add it to my post). I am a big fan of their products, especially of their nail polish and nail care line. The prices are very affordable and everytime I go to Germany, I make sure to check out their latest products.
  The last time I was there, in November, I checked out their new nail polish shades and just fell in love with 022 - Sweet Nanny. This is a light purple creme polish with a fine shimmer. The pigmentation is very good and with 2 coats you can achieve the perfect coverage. The nail polishes from the range have such a nice gloss, that you can skip using top coat. The drying time is average and the staying power is good (around 4 days till it begins to chip at the ends). It looks very delicate and in my opinion, it's the perfect polish to wear at work, but also when you go out.

  Pretty nice, huh? I am so in love with this shade and I can't wait to use it at an ombre manicure soon.
  What do you think of Sweet Nanny? Yay or nay? Let me know your answers in the comment box below.
   Till next time, take care and don't forget to smile!


  1. I love P2 nail polish. amazing quality!!! <3

  2. This colour is seriously GORGEOUS!


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