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Hello my gorgeous friends!
   Are you ready to start a new week? If your answer is yes, then I have some great news for you. This spring Catrice comes out with a new collection where fashion Doll meets Sixties. Jetset glamour, black & white contrasts and the influences of optical art.
The journey through time takes you back to the 1960’s, to Twiggy, the icon of all top models. With her
doll’s eyes, broad eyeliner and thick layers of mascara, she was an idol for an entire generation. To
this day, her distinctive look inspires numerous designers: A-line mini dresses, bow applications as
well as graphic patterns are featured in the 2015 Spring/Summer collections. We will be paying
homage to the hip Sixties flavour from mid March to mid May 2015 with the Limited Edition “Doll’s
Collection” by CATRICE
. The collection convinces with must-have products for an expressive eye
make-up look, such as the Matt Dip Eyeliner, the Glamour Doll Mascara and the Doll Lashes. Matt
textures and soft pastels including lavender, light green and apricot create a doll-like look with a fresh

Doll’s Collection by CATRICE – Satin Matt Eyeshadow
The Look.

The soft powder eyeshadows with a satin-matt finish come in three
limited colours and offer maximum coverage: lavender, cream and pastel green.
The pleasantly soft texture feels velvety on your skin and the unique op art
packaging is a true eye-catcher. Available in C01 Playing in Lavender Heaven, C02
Hide & Green
, C03 Be My Porcelain Doll!.

Doll’s Collection by CATRICE – Matt Dip Eyeliner
Twiggy’s Eyes.

An extra-broad eyeliner style – the Sixties Wing – is the ultimate
must-have for perfect doll’s eyes. With the longlasting Matt Dip Eyeliner, it’s quick
and easy to trace a large dovetail along your upper lashline. The results are
accurate and have a gorgeous matt finish. Available in C01 Black.

Doll’s Collection by CATRICE – Glamour Doll Mascara
Meet the Icon.

Here comes the popular Glamour Doll Mascara in a limited look.
The special elastomer brush covers each individual lash with black texture without
weighing it down. This provides extra volume to create fascinating, long and thick
lashes. Sixties tip: for large doll’s eyes, it’s important to apply mascara on both your
upper and your lower lashes! Available in C01 Black.

Doll’s Collection by CATRICE – Doll Lashes
Big is back.

False lashes are an essential part of the Twiggy look. With the Doll
Lashes, CATRICE offers artificial lash bands for the upper and lower lashlines to
create an expressive eye make-up style with a true wow-effect. The set includes a
mini glue.

Doll’s Collection by CATRICE – Ball Blush
Bubble Ball.

Dab this creamy dome blush directly on your cheeks and it will
develop a powdery, matt finish upon contact with the skin. The light textures feels
wonderfully soft and the fresh apricot shade provides a gorgeous, radiant
complexion. Available in C01 Droll like a Doll.

Doll’s Collection by CATRICE – Nail Lacquer
Swinging Sixties Nails.

Lavender, apricot, pastel green and white with apricot
sparkles – this springtime colour range gives the retro look a light touch. Ultimate
colours, ultimate coverage and ultimate shine turn the Nail Lacquers into true musthaves
with effects ranging from plain to sparkly. Absolutely distinctive: the
packaging with an extravagant op art design. Available in C01 Droll like a Doll, C02
Playing in Lavender Heaven
, C03 Hide & Green and C04 Be My Porcelain Doll!.

Doll’s Collection by CATRICE – Cuticle Tattoos
Statement Sign. The Cuticle Tattoos –

Small and large bows – are applied directly
below the nail bed on your fingers to give the nails a stylish frame. First, remove
any make-up residues or excess sebum from the area of skin where you plan to
apply the Cuticle Tattoo. Next, choose the desired tattoo size, cut it out and remove
the white backing paper. Then press the tattoo onto dry skin for 5 seconds with the
image facing downwards. Finally, peel off the transparent foil and your design is
done. Easy to remove using baby oil. A romantic token of love for this beautiful era.
Available in C01 Catch me if you’re Ken.

This limited edition will be available in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Spain, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Latvia, Russia, Jordan, Qatar, Mongolia, Philippines, from mid March to mid May 2015.

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