Soufeel Charm Bracelet Review

  Hello my gorgeous friends!
    Today we talk about accessories, and not any accessories, but some that are very trendy right now. Charm bracelets have become very popular in a very short time and if you look at them better, you might figure out why. They start like a white canvas, with a simple bracelet and give you the freedom and possibility to add the charms that you like and that represent you. Isn't that cool? Of course, you will find many brands on the market that offer these type of beauties, but what do you do when you also have to take care of your wallet? Yup, you got it! You look for the best brand that can offer good quality at a decent price and let me tell you ladies, that Soufeel is a winner in both. Why do I say this? Well, read on and discover ;)

  I have always been a fan of charm bracelets. I see them more than just a simple accessory, because thanks to the large variety of charms, you can easily make from a simple bracelet a story, a story of your life, your dreams or your wishes. I always wanted a bracelet like this, but the high price was always pushing me away.
  Luckily, the bracelets from Soufeel offer the same quality as the big brands do, at a more than reasonable price. I was so happy when they contacted me and offered me the chance to pick one bracelet and 5 charms to go with it, that I can't even tell you. The bracelet and the charms arrived well packed, in a black case, that also came with a special cleaning cloth for them. These jewels are made out of sterling silver (925). The good news is that Soufeel charms fit perfectly with Pandora bracelets and the other way around. So if you have a Soufeel starter bracelet and you really want a Pandora charm, you can be sure that it will fit like a charm :) Although, I always liked Pandora, I think I will stay with Soufeel because the price is more friendly with my wallet.

   I guess you all wonder why I picked these charms. Well, I wanted to wear on my wrist all the things that are most important to me in this world and with the help of Soufeel I think I managed to do just that. Here are my picks:

Starter Bracelet -  You have to know your wrist size pretty good before you order this bracelet. On the site you are advised to add 1,5 cm to your wrist before you order your bracelet. You have to keep in mind that the bracelet you get smaller once you add the charms, so calculate your size correctly.
Clover Shape Good Luck Charm - Who doesn't want to have even a bit of luck in life? Yeah, I thought so too, this is why I added this charm to my story.
Mother And Her Babies Charm - I liked this charm from the first time that I saw it. This is a simple one but and represents me and my two children.
I love You Bear Charm - Well, this one is meant to be for my lovely husband. I always call him a teddy bear and since I love him so much, this charm was a must to my story ;)
Little Tiger Charm - This one is for my cat, Maxy, another big love of mine. He is very important to me and this charm suits him perfectly.
Flying Butterflies Charm - I love butterflies. They are so magical and I thought that this will be the perfect charm to add to my bracelet.

  I am more than happy with this piece of jewelry and I can't wait to order another one pretty soon. I also think these bracelets will make a perfect Valentine's Day present, so gentlemen, be aware ;)
  What do you think of Soufeel charm bracelets? Let me know your opinions in the comment box below.
  Till next time, take care and don't forget to smile!


  1. I love this & I love how personal all the charms are! I have a Pandora charm bracelet and I, too make sure that every charm has some sort of meaning to me :)

    Lexie Rose May X

    1. Thank you Lexie, I am so happy that you liked my picks :)

  2. Wonderful charms! Did they arrived in Romania or do you live abroad?
    I want to order a starter bracelet, but I would love to have more info before - do they arrive at the locat post office? Do they have an invoice inside the package?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Deea, I live in the Netherlands and I don't know exactly how the post works with these in Romania. I saw that a lot of my colleagues from Romania received bracelets like this one too, so maybe you could ask one of them about the whole shipping procedure. Since mine was a gift, I did not have an invoice inside the package but if you buy them, you will have one for sure.


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