Swatch Monday: KBShimmer – Myth You Lots


   Hello my gorgeous friends!
     First of all, I would like to apologize for not writing a post on Friday, like I used to. Unfortunately, last week was very bad for me, my cat got sick and all I did was to take care of him. Hopefully he will recover soon, because it hurts like hell seeing him like that and not being able to do much about it 🙁
    Since I needed to take my mind out of everything, I thought that getting back to my usual posting schedule will be best. So here I am today, with a new Swatch Monday post. I was wondering what polish to show you today, a red one would have been more appropriate due to the fact that Valentine’s Day is so close, but then I noticed a polish that I never swatched before and since the weather was on my side, I decided that KBShimmer – Myth You Lots will be today’s star.
   Myth You Lots is part of the KBShimmer Winter 2013 collection and if you follow me, you might know that I bought it together with other great polishes, a while ago. This polish is a gorgeous holographic multichrome that shifts between purple, blue and copper. The holographic effect is so much stronger in real than in the pictures, it’s simply breathtaking.
   The formula was ok, little on the thin side, but it did not bother me so much. You can apply it over a dark base (black, dark blue) or you can simply apply it over a normal base coat. For these swatches I chose to apply it  in 3 layers, over my P2 Ridge Filler, because I wanted to show you the exact color. I also applied my Nubar Diamond Shine top coat, to add some extra shine and to make the polish last longer on my nails.

  Honestly, I don’t know how I did not notice this beauty till now. I must have forgotten about it or something like that. It’s a real jewel and I’m pretty sure that we will be best friends in summer.
  What do you think of this polish? Let me know your answers in the comment box below.
   Till next time, take care and don’t forget to smile!

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