Makeup Revolution – Flawless Matte Palette Swatch & Review


Hello my gorgeous friends!
   I’m pretty sure that you’ve all heard about Makeup Revolution by now. I mean, who didn’t? They released so many goodies in these past months, that sometimes it’s very hard to keep up with all of them. From all the new launches, the Flawless Matte Palette was the one that caught my attention immediately. I mean, we all know how hard it is to find a nice matte palette these days, especially at a budget friendly price, and that is why I was so happy that I have the chance to test out this beauty.
   The Flawless Matte palette contains 32 neutral, warm/cool eyeshadows that are perfect to create a soft day look or a more intense look for a night out. The packaging is a sleek  glossy black case that also comes with a big mirror. That might come in handy, especially when you travel.
  Since it’s a neutral palette, you can imagine that brown is a dominant color in this palette. Have no fear though, the eyeshadows don’t repeat themselves, and they have several undertones like pink, yellow and even grey, to suit everyone’s skin tone.

  I have to say that I’ve heard about the good pigmentation that the Makeup Revolution eyeshadows have and I was really curious if these shadows will be the same. Well, let’s just say that for the price that you pay for this palette, they’re ok, but they didn’t wow me. They have a lovely texture, almoust buttery I would say, but watch out because they do tend to have some fall out when you use them. I also noticed that the darker shades are kind of heavyer to blend and I have to insist a lot in order to get a clean look.

   Overall, I am pretty happy that I got to try out this palette. It might not be the best that I tried untill now, but it’s definetely something that you might consider if you love matte eyeshadows as much as I do. Besides that, for the small price that you pay, it’s really a bargain.
  That’s it for today friends! Let me know if you tried out this palette and what is your opinion about it.
  Till next time, take care and don’t forget to smile!

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