Mother's Day Haul: Kiko, Primark, Essence, Revival London

   Hello my gorgeous friends!
     Hope everyone's doing fine and that you didn't forget about me :) As I'm getting closer to my due date, I'm also getting more and more busy and because of that I decided to leave my blog on the second plan at the moment. That doesn't mean I won't write at all, just that I won't follow a certain schedule anymore and I will write everytime I find some time to do it. So bare with me, better days are coming :)

    Yesterday was Mother's Day and this year my husband decided to give me as a present a shopping day. He knows that I am kind of picky when it comes to presents and because of that he took me to all my favorite stores and let me choose everything that my heart wanted :) I am very happy with all my purchases and today I will let you take a peek and see what I bought. Enjoy!

  KIKO - Since Kiko opened their store in The Netherlands, last year, I wanted to go there. I love their products and although I could always order them online, seeing them in real and having the chance to try them out, is so much better. Although I could buy everything I wanted, I decided to follow my head instead of my heart and I chose to buy only 4 Infinity eyeshadows, one case for them, a cream eyeshadow pencil and my ultimate favorite, the Smooth Base.

  I chose the Infinity eyeshadows because I never tried them out and I liked their silky texture and pigmentation. I picked up shades no 224, 225, 233 and 238, some soft colors that will be perfect for summer.

 The cream eyeshadow from Kiko was a pleasant surprise. I chose it because it was on sale and I really liked the color, but after I used it I can say it's just an amazing product. I used it as an eyeshadow base and my makeup looked fresh all day, it did not crease at all. Thumbs up!

 This base coat is my favorite and I am so happy that I have it again. I tried a lot of base coats over the years, but none was as good as this one.

  From Essence I picked up another blending eyeshadow and an eyelash curler. The blending brush is just awesome, but the eyelash curler did not convince me yet.

  Primark, another big love of mine. From here I picked up a daisy candle and 2 heart photo frames for my 2 girls. If you ever get the chance to go to Primark, be aware, they have so many amazing products that your wallet might remain empty :)

  I love accessories and when I say these beauties from Revival London on 50% sale I did not think twice. I chose this gorgeous pastel statement necklace, 3 pairs of earrings and a bracelet.
  Looking back, I can honestly say that this was a truly amazing day. I got the chance to spend a day with my husband and buy all these lovely things.
  Tell me, what did you buy lately? How was your Mother's Day?
   Let me know your answers in the comment box below.
   Until next time, take care and don't forget to smile!


  1. Colierul pastelat este atat de frumoasa. Sa o porti cu bucurie!

  2. Ce frumoooos! Sa le folosesti cu drag! Arata foooarte bine produsele! :)


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