5 Things to do on a girls weekend

  Time with the girls is always precious, but a girls’ weekend away is momentous and something to be savoured! To make the most of your girls’ weekend, think carefully about the activities that will bring you all the most fun and a sense of escape from your usual, everyday lives.

#1: Head to a wellness retreat

Girls’ weekends provide the ideal time for focusing on your health and wellbeing. Do something that is beneficial for your body, mind and soul by heading to a specialised health and wellness retreat, such as Chi Of Life. At such a retreat, you will enjoy wonderfully healthy and nutritious food and be educated about the best, most nourishing foods for you according to your metabolic nutritional type, existing health issues and health goals.
Time away at a health wellness retreat allows you and your friends to relax, focus on yourselves, feel supported, learn new knowledge and skills, and participate in a range of physical activities and food preparation activities. You will not only feel so much better when you leave, you will also take away new skills and knowledge that you can continue back at home.

#2: Shopping and pampering

Many girls love the opportunity for a little bit of retail therapy and pampering while away from ‘life as usual’. If this sounds like something that you and your friends enjoy, look for a weekend destination that allows you to shop before recovering with a massage, facial, pedicure or other beauty treatment.
It can be hard to find the time to do these things while at home, especially if you and your friends have families to look after. For this reason, a girls’ weekend away is a wonderful time to shop and be pampered in peace (with excellent company of like-minded women)!

#3: Try a new experience

If you are after something different on your girls’ weekend away, why not try a completely new activity, such as learning to stand-up paddle board or surf, rock climb, do trapeze or circus skills. You could take in a yoga class or try something artistic, such as a painting or ceramics class. The options are endless! Have a chat with your girlfriends to find an activity or experience that is new to you all and has the potential to be fun and bring a lot of laughs.

#4: Attend a special event

You may like to time your girls’ weekend away to coincide with a special event, such as a festival or show. Throughout the year, special days and events take place that cater for a diverse range of interests, from gardening and flowers, food, wine and jazz festivals, writers’ weeks, film festivals, art showcases and sporting events. Have a look at the calendar and see if your girls’ weekend away can be paired timed so you can attend a special event you will all enjoy.

#5: Create special memories

You may also like to do something special with your friends while on a girls’ weekend away. Packages are available that combine quality accommodation, delectable food and experiences such as short or long cruises, theatrical performances or significant exhibitions. Scope out what is on and see if your girls’ weekend can be made all the more special through inclusion of a truly memorable experience.
Investigate your options and you are sure to plan a girls’ weekend that is enjoyable and memorable for you all.

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