8 Ways to Look Like the Perfect Wedding Guest

Wedding guests are expected to look a certain way at a wedding. There are some traditions you’ll be expected to stick to. There are even unwritten rules you’ll be expected to stick to! If you want to look like the perfect wedding guest, read on: 

1. Do Not Wear White, Ever

Never, ever wear white unless you want to be stared at and spoken about by everybody at the wedding. If the bride is a good person, she might be totally zen about you wearing white. However, it will still be seen as disrespectful by many of the attendees, and you don’t want to risk looking stupid. The perfect wedding guest should wear any colour other than white. You can even wear black.

2. Don’t Show Off too Much Skin

Showing off a lot of skin just won’t bode well at a wedding. Wearing a skirt that shows off too much thigh or a top that shows off too much cleavage will be frowned upon, so don’t do it. The most you should probably do is a little bit if shoulder.

3. Wear Waterproof Mascara

I don’t care how unemotional you are, you’re probably going to cry at this wedding. Wear waterproof mascara just incase. Having black streaks running down your face is not a good look!


4. Take Tissues

Take some tissues with you so you don’t have a soaking wet face at the end of the ceremony. It’s all well and good keeping your mascara in place, but you want to make sure your face is dry too. Modern wedding invitations don’t make for good tissues, so have some on hand to wipe your eyes.

6. Keep Makeup Subtle

Keep your makeup subtle. You’re not trying to look fierce, vampy, or particularly sexy at this wedding. You want to look pretty! Pretty makeup usually has a flawless base, long fluttery lashes, and a light lipstick or lip gloss. If you intend to fill in your brows or contour your face, make sure it looks as natural as possible.

7. Look Your Best

Make sure you still look your best. If you have to practice hair and makeup styles beforehand, then do so! Lots of pictures will be taken at the wedding, so make a real effort and show the couple you care. I once saw a woman attend a wedding wearing flip flops and a baggy pink t-shirt. Don’t be that woman.

8. Find Out the Bridesmaids Colour Schemes

If you don’t find out the bridesmaids colour schemes and go to the wedding in the same sort of colour, you’ll look like you’re trying to be one. Disaster! Find out beforehand so you can pick the perfect colour without looking like a wannabe bridesmaid.

Use my 8 tips to look like the perfect wedding guest and you’ll look amazing in your own right! Don’t try to upstage the bride by showing off too much skin and wearing loads of makeup, and you’ll look great. Come back soon for more tips!

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