Cool Theme Ideas For A Kids Bedroom And How To Create Them

A few of my trendy friends have young children at home. I’ve been looking around for some inspired ideas for them to revamp the kids bedrooms and create a unique style. Themed rooms seem to be really popular at the moment. I just love how many different designs and ideas are out there at the moment.

Kids beds are so much more fun nowadays than they were when I was a child. You can find great bunk beds so two can share. Alternatively, the second bed can act as a spare for when the kids invite friends over to stay. When it comes to themed beds, you could check out cabin beds at cuckooland for buses, boats and even treehouse inspired ideas.

Of course, the bed is just one part of the room. Whether the kids have a themed bed or not, you can vamp up the entire room to follow a single theme. TV characters are really big again this year. Thomas the Tank Engine and Dora the Explorer are two of the characters that are dominating bed decor and bedding designs. I love it when kids get excited about these things!

To bring a theme together in a kids room, you need to look out for all the right merchandise. For example, you may have a treehouse-style cabin bed. Next you’re going to want to ensure the decor works with the theme. You can find wall decals and wall art of trees and branches. If you position this close to the bed, it could look even more like a real tree house.

Rugs in the style of grass would look lovely in a room like this. I’ve seen nautical themed ones too that could work with a boat themed bed. It may be tempting to paint the walls blue with this theme, but why not keep one wall white? Alternatively, look for some themed wall art to break up the wall space.

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Ceiling light shades and bedside lamps are available in most of your favourite kids’ characters. They look great and help pull all the different components of the room together. Curtains and cushions may be available too. Some parents prefer just to have one or two things in the room. That way, when tastes change, there is less to alter for the next trend.

When it comes to a themed bedroom, you need to have some relevant items on display to finish the decor off. Some beds have built in shelves. Alternatively, pick cupboards with shelves that can be used to put some items on. Your child might choose a teddy bear or an action figure. These things help complete the room and give your child the opportunity to show off their favourite toys.
I love designing rooms and bring decor ideas together. A themed room for children is great fun for the kids as well as the adults creating them! It gives you all a chance to let your imaginations run wild and create something other families can be envious of.

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