Say Ahhh: My Favourite Ways to Relax!

We all live pretty hectic lives, so it’s important we take some time to ourselves to relax from time to time. In this post, my aim is to help you to slow things down so you can take some well deserved rest time for yourself! Take a look at my favourite ways to relax:

Read a Good Book

Reading is one of the best ways to relax after a long, stressful day. I find that a good book is a brilliant way for me to escape the world and forget about anything getting me down that day. Sometimes I read self help books, other times I Like to get stuck into a good story. I much prefer picking up a book to turning on the TV! You should try it.



Meditation might sound silly, but mindful breathing is the best way to relax. You go somewhere quiet, and clear your head. Literally, swipe your thoughts away when something enters your head. Take deep breaths, and focus only on your breaths. There are lots of apps that can help you with this. Meditating for just a small amount of time each day is supposed to have long term beneficial effects!

Take a Long Bath

A long, hot bath gives me a chance to clear my head and release any tension in my body. I love treating myself to bath salts and bath bombs! I love big baths, like the ones on Bathshop321.

Go for a Walk/Run/Jog

Exercise is a brilliant natural stress release. Pounding the pavements is therapeutic, no matter what speed you do it at. Put your earphones on and forget the world outside! Any form of exercise is brilliant for this.

Enjoy a Cup of Tea

Are you aware of just how many benefits drinking tea has? A cup of caffeine free tea can be the perfect thing to enjoy after a stressful day, especially before bedtime. Take rooibos for example; it’s renowned for helping people to drop off to sleep! Make sure you really savour the tea and enjoy it, rather than just gulp it down while focusing on something else!

Visit Friends

Visiting your friends and having a laugh and a catch up can be one of the best ways to de-stress. Laughter is good for the soul, and having a good chat to somebody you trust can put everything back into perspective. Maybe all you need is a sympathetic ear to chew!

Go to the Salon/Spa

A salon or spa visit can be a nice treat when you’re feeling under the weather. Have your nails done, or go for a massage if you have aches and pains. You can even pamper yourself at home if you’re on a budget!

With these tips, you’ll be prepared for whatever life decides to throw at you. We all get a little stressed, but you shouldn’t let it get the better of you. Relax using my tips and I guarantee you’ll feel like a new person! Leave your thoughts below!

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  1. Da! Sunt de acord cu toate cele prezentate..chiar si cu spa, desi nu am fost decat o data in viata! :D
    O carte buna, alaturi de un ceai sau un cappuccino... Un film bun, o baie cu spuma, faci sa visez! :D


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