Signs You're Ready to Get Hitched!

Do you ever wonder if it’s time for you to tie the knot? How are you supposed to know? This post is going to talk you through the telltale signs that could mean it’s time for you to get hitched. Take a look!

You’re Happy With Yourself

Lots of people say that they couldn’t live without their partner. However, the key to a happy marriage is finding somebody you can live without, you just don’t want to live without. You need to be happy with yourself as an individual before you can be happy with another, so make sure you are. If not, work out what you can do about it.

You Have an Outside Support System

Of course it’s normal to tell your partner things, but you also want to be able to tell your friends and family things too. A support system outside of your partner is healthy.

You Can Compromise

Compromise is the key to a healthy marriage. This isn’t all about you! Make sure you can come to solutions that suit you both without holding grudges or resentment.

You’re Open With One Another

A couple should be open and honest with one another about their thoughts and feelings. You need to be able to share things, even things that make you feel uncomfortable.


You’ve Discussed Marriage

At some point, you and your partner should have discussed marriage. This way, you know they are at least open to the idea. Ideally, you’ll both be ready to wed at the same time.

You Trust Him

Trust issues are the worst relationship killer, ever. You need to be able to trust your partner if you’re going to get married. A lot of the time, insecurities don’t even come from things that have happened with your partner, but feelings of insecurity that you have. Work on these and you’ll feel much happier in your relationship! You might not trust him with picking the perfect engagement ring, but that’s not as serious. If you have worries, point him in the direction of the engagement rings here.

You Haven’t Got Any Grudges

Past grudges should all be forgotten about if you’re going to get married. You can’t rehash the past over and over, so make sure you’re all sorted before tying the knot!

Your Visions for the Future Match

Things like having babies is a big thing, so you need to be able to agree on the lifestyle you both wish to lead. If not, getting married probably isn’t the best idea!

The Actual Wedding Doesn’t Matter all that Much

If you would like a wedding, but know that it doesn’t really matter all that much, you sound ready. What really matters is spending your life with your partner! If you can look at the bigger picture, and you know you’d marry your partner regardless of circumstances, you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Are you ready to get hitched? I hope this post helped you to organise your thoughts. Good luck!

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