5 Ways to Earn Money As A Stay At Home Mum


 Most mums dream of a lifestyle that allows them to parent from home while still earning an income. For some, their career permits this, but for others a little more creativity is required. If you fall into the latter category, here are five great ways to earn money as a stay at home mum.


From translating to proofreading and graphic design, a world of opportunity to earn money from home has opened up courtesy of freelancing websites such as Elance and Upwork. These sites allow users to post their skills online and bid for jobs suited to their talents.

Users can work when and where they please, making this a great way to earn while at home with children. If you’re lucky, you can even score long-term contracts. Using these sites takes commitment as you build up your clientele and references, but an income can be derived.


With some nous and a small investment, trading stocks or currency is now within reach of anyone with a computer, thanks to companies like Learn to Trade . Experts will help you learn the ropes and strategies, allowing you to potentially profit on the stock market or forex trading. A fantastic benefit of trading is that it can be done anytime and anywhere, which means you can put your money to work when and where you please.


Something as simple as running an Ebay store has the potential to become a real breadwinner. By either creating your own products or buying wholesale, you can market your items on Ebay. Your main responsibility is to dispatch items on time. It pays to get a sense of what people are after, so search for trending Ebay items to ascertain what sells and where. And don’t forget to factor in Ebay fees and postal costs when pricing your items.

Your own business

Whether you’re creative with crafts or creative with numbers, the years as a stay at home mum provide a great opportunity to start your own business. There are plenty of hugely successful ‘mumpreneurs’ out there who found their feet when their kids were young. For some that may mean book-keeping from home while others start up public relations businesses. Some even embrace their creative talents, like pattern or jewellery making, and set up their own brands.


It’s a competitive field but the internet is host to numerous successful blogs about parenting, so if you have a unique approach or a way with words, blogging is a great way to share with others and create an income stream. Successful blogs and websites can attract lucrative advertisers, depending on the interest in your site.

Staying at home with the kids doesn’t just have to be about parenting; it also gives you the chance to stretch your wings outside the 9-5 working world. With a little ingenuity and passion, you can have it all – an income, a challenge and enjoy those all-important first years of your children’s lives. How would you use your skills and hobbies to become a working stay at home mum?

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