How to Design an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Your kitchen is probably the most important room in your home. It is where everyone gathers to enjoy meals together, and it is also probably the main room that you entertain in when you have guests. But in addition to designing your kitchen so that it is your favourite place to be, you can also go a step further and design an eco-friendly kitchen that is great for the planet. If you're an eco-conscious consumer, continue reading for eco-friendly kitchen ideas to get started.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Older appliances use up a lot more energy than modern options, so upgrading your appliances, even if it is one appliance at a time over the course of a few years, will definitely make an impact. Plus, the latest energy efficient appliances will also help you save a lot of money because they will consume less energy and less water. Their thermally efficient windows and doors, combined with their better insulation, make them the perfect addition to any remodelling project, and they will serve to make your kitchen look and function like a 21st century kitchen.

Upgrade Your Radiators

Another much-needed upgrade is necessary to create a truly eco-friendly kitchen, and that is your radiators. Options like the aluminium radiators found at Warm Rooms are not only great looking designs, but they also weigh 50 per cent less than other metals that are commonly used. Because these are lightweight products, they are able to heat up a lot more quickly, and they also use less water. This translates to fewer resources being used, which will also help you save money on your energy and water bills.

Use VOC-Free Products

Eco-friendly products contain little to no VOCs, which are volatile organic compounds that pollute your air and can make your family sick over time. Some of the symptoms associated with VOCs include nose, throat, and eye irritation, and these compounds also increase your risk for certain types of cancer. When you are ready to redesign your kitchen, opt for VOC-free paints, countertops, flooring, and cabinets.
Add Bamboo Flooring

There are several eco-friendly flooring options available today, but one of the most popular is bamboo hardwood flooring because it looks great and is also great for the environment. Bamboo is a sustainable resource, unlike other types of woods that are used to create floors, and the look of bamboo will complement any modern kitchen. Plus, bamboo flooring will last a long time, especially when well cared for, because it is harder and more durable than other options, and it also comes in a variety of colours to match your design scheme.  
With so many great ways to modernise and upgrade your kitchen so that it looks great and functions in an eco-friendly way, there is absolutely no reason why you should still be using dated appliances and other design elements that are not environmentally friendly. These upgrades will help you achieve a space that functions optimally for your needs and is better for the planet at the same time.

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