How to stand out when selling through an online marketplace

Led by the launch of eBay nearly twenty years ago, the advent of the online marketplace has become a boon for small businesses. Sellers around the world are now finding it easier than ever to find buyers, whether they be operating out of high street stores or single entrepreneurs working from home. Growing businesses have been provided with new and exciting opportunities thanks to the growth in popularity of the online marketplace, especially niche marketplaces, as exemplified by Etsy. However, as these popularities increase, small business owners and online sellers are finding it harder to stand out in the crowd. In order to help you overcome these challenges, we’ve put together some great tips that will help your online business stand out and make a profit.

Take Unique, Interesting Photos
When it comes to being successful in an online marketplace, high-quality photography is absolutely critical. Photos of a product are the only thing that a potential buyer gets to see before deciding whether or not to make a purchase online, and since the buyer doesn’t get the chance to feel and touch the product as they would in a store, having photos that allow them to get a good feel for the product is essential. It’s advisable that online sellers who are serious about their business get in touch with a product photography company to take professional photos, or even learn some good photography skills themselves. Photo quality could easily be the deciding factor between whether or not a customer buys a product.

Building a Brand
In order to build an identifiable brand, a great way to start is by telling stories. For example, as a company owner you could tell your customers why you decided to start the business, what your inspirations were, and the values of your brand. Many online marketplaces will allow company owners and sellers to create a homepage, where you can post company information, photographs and videos. This is where the story telling should begin, with content that is interesting to your consumer. Telling a story for each individual listing is also a great idea, and helps to connect your customers with the products they are considering purchasing.

Go the Extra Mile
Throwing in something extra is ideal if you’d like to keep your customer base happy and coming back to buy more products from your online business. Customers love it when a company goes the extra mile in order to show its appreciation of their custom, and there are a number of ways in which you can do this, from free gifts with purchases, exclusive offers and discounts if they sign up to a mailing list, or offering money off their next purchase which is another great way to ensure that they buy from you again. Even a simple thank you note or card placed in a shipment can go a long way to put a smile on a customer’s face, especially if it’s unexpected.
Selling on an online marketplace is much like selling anywhere else – your customers come first. Stand out by making your customers a top priority.

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