5 tips for driving in winter

    I have to admit that, although winter season has its magic, it's not one of my favorite times of the year. Sure, the falling snow can create some amazing views, but it can also create danger and chaos on the roads.
    I don't drive, but my husband is a passionate driver and I've learned from him just how important it is to take the proper measures for driving in winter. Because sharing is caring, today I will share with you his tips for driving safely in winter.

1. First and foremost, you should get your car checked and make sure that everything is working properly. Don't forget to invest in some good winter tyres, because we all know how dangerous a slippery road can be.

2. Make sure that the gassoline tank is full. It doesn't really matter if you decide to go for a long drive or for a short one. You never know when you can get stuck on the road and need all the fuel you can get.

3. Clean the ice and the snow from the car, before you go somewhere. Don't forget about the hood and the roof! You don't want to break and all the snow from the roof comes on your windshield.

4. Besides the regular emergency kit, that every driver should have, in winter time, make sure to have some bad weather supplies with you. We always have two scrapers, a shovel, a flashlight, extra antifreeze, two blankets, some spare clothes and some non-perisable food. I know that this might sound a lot, but with two kids in the back, we need to take all the safety measures we can.

5. Before you leave the house, check for the weather and traffic conditions and plan your route well. Remember to drive within the normal speed limits, leave an extra space between you and the car in front and use the breaks carefully.

  The guys from Pryers have done a great infographic about driving in winter conditions. You can check it out below and here, another good post about driving in winter conditions.

      ALWAYS have in mind that you need to arrive safe to your destination, so wear the seat belt and drive safely!

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