Expectant style icons


   Over the past few years, a number of high profile style icons have proven that life and fashion do not stop when you fall pregnant. There are a plethora of ways in which you can dress and style a pregnant figure without losing sight of your unique style aesthetic pre-baby. Even for those of us who aren’t expecting and have never been pregnant before, we have been inspired by the array of style savvy expectant women who have walked the red carpet and donned effortlessly chic and elegant off-duty looks.
    Where once pregnancy revolved around empire lines and plenty of tight, stretch fabric or tent-like dresses, there are now many ways to create a sophisticated expectant look. Here are a few of the stars who took to expectant dressing perfectly and who gave all of us a lot of food for thought with regards to our own styles and tastes.

Blake Lively
The star of Gossip Girl is known for her fun and flirty looks, and this didn’t change when she expected her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds. By day, she wore skinny jeans or fit and flair skirts, finished with a blanket wrap or cape thrown over the top. This proportion play kept her top heavy, whilst ensuring that the slim lines at her legs offset the voluminous silhouette on top. By night, Blake opted to show off her bump in all its glory, looking to figure-flattering body conscious fits to accentuate her curves (shop similar styles at maryjanefashion.com). In particular, she wore a butter yellow Gucci gown that fitted her curves whilst a deep V neck plunged dramatically. Blake proved that pregnancy does not have to stop you from looking and feeling sexy and youthful.

Zoe Saldana
Whilst early on in her pregnancy Zoe opted for body conscious looks for her red carpet and talk show appearances, she turned to more voluminous, floaty pieces as her pregnancy progressed. Carrying twins can’t be very comfortable, so the big lines that skimmed over her curves were roomy, comfortable and flattering. To not appear drowned out by fabric, Zoe opted for floaty textures and block colours, opting for black, red, and pastel blues and pinks. These dresses felt feminine and light, helping to counteract the heaviness of the third trimester with a dose of freshness. Zoe kept her hair in natural tumbling waves throughout her pregnancy which contributed to this laidback, low maintenance look that kept her both stylish and relaxed.

Olivia Wilde
One of my favourite expectant looks from all time came from Olivia Wilde at the Golden Globes in 2014. Olivia walked the red carpet in an emerald green Gucci gown (the Italian fashion house sure does have a penchant for creating show-stopping expectant looks!) which shimmered and contoured her curves to perfection. The embellishments helped to accentuate her bump whilst the mossy green hue ensured that the look wasn’t too over-the-top or extravagant. Like Zoe and Blake, she kept her hair in natural waves, to create a look that was sultry and sophisticated, enhanced by the fact that the back of her dress dipped down low, showing off a slinky patch of her back.

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