Signs You're Ready to Get Hitched!

Do you ever wonder if it’s time for you to tie the knot? How are you supposed to know? This post is going to talk you through the telltale signs that could mean it’s time for you to get hitched. Take a look!

You’re Happy With Yourself

Lots of people say that they couldn’t live without their partner. However, the key to a happy marriage is finding somebody you can live without, you just don’t want to live without. You need to be happy with yourself as an individual before you can be happy with another, so make sure you are. If not, work out what you can do about it.

You Have an Outside Support System

Of course it’s normal to tell your partner things, but you also want to be able to tell your friends and family things too. A support system outside of your partner is healthy.

You Can Compromise

Compromise is the key to a healthy marriage. This isn’t all about you! Make sure you can come to solutions that suit you both without holding grudges or resentment.

You’re Open With One Another

A couple should be open and honest with one another about their thoughts and feelings. You need to be able to share things, even things that make you feel uncomfortable.



Fabulous Accessorising Tips That All Fashion Lovers Should Know About

When it comes to accessorising, us fashion loving gals are all for it. We know that even if we are wearing the most stylish new dress, the outfit isn’t complete without a few accessories. Not only can accessories take your outfit from casual to smart and from day to night, but they also allow you to express your personality.

However, that being said, not all of us find accessorising easy. We might have an eye for fashion, but when it comes to accessorising, many of us struggle. However, that doesn’t have to be the case.


You Can Be An Organised Mum With These Useful Tips And Ideas

Being a mum is a very hectic job, and with so much going on, it’s easy to become unorganised. With so many things to think about, from taking care of the kids and dealing with the chores to staying on top of work, parenting is hard.

Many mums struggle with staying organised, and with so much to do, that’s no surprise. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Believe it or not, you can be an organised mum, all it takes is a few simple changes, and voila, you can start keeping on top of everything.


If you want to be a more organised mum, all you need to do is follow these tips and ideas:

Cool Theme Ideas For A Kids Bedroom And How To Create Them

A few of my trendy friends have young children at home. I’ve been looking around for some inspired ideas for them to revamp the kids bedrooms and create a unique style. Themed rooms seem to be really popular at the moment. I just love how many different designs and ideas are out there at the moment.


How to Look Like a Hollywood Star at Your Next Fancy-Dress Party

As you emerge from your car, you are greeted by the flashing lights of cameras and the sound of countless fans screaming your name. The red carpet lies before your feet and you make your way across it, stopping graciously to answer questions from interviewers and autograph posters from your latest blockbuster film.

8 Ways to Look Like the Perfect Wedding Guest

Wedding guests are expected to look a certain way at a wedding. There are some traditions you’ll be expected to stick to. There are even unwritten rules you’ll be expected to stick to! If you want to look like the perfect wedding guest, read on: 

A Guide to Making Sure You Get Quality Time With Your Family

People work so much these days, that quality time with their family can get put on the back burner. Quality time with the family is more important than anything else in the world. You only get one family, and no doubt you’d be full of regrets if anything ever happened (without trying to sound morbid). This guide will help you to spend quality time with your family, so you can get that work-life balance right and enjoy yourself:

Say Ahhh: My Favourite Ways to Relax!

We all live pretty hectic lives, so it’s important we take some time to ourselves to relax from time to time. In this post, my aim is to help you to slow things down so you can take some well deserved rest time for yourself! Take a look at my favourite ways to relax:

Read a Good Book

Reading is one of the best ways to relax after a long, stressful day. I find that a good book is a brilliant way for me to escape the world and forget about anything getting me down that day. Sometimes I read self help books, other times I Like to get stuck into a good story. I much prefer picking up a book to turning on the TV! You should try it.



5 Tips for Clear and Healthy Skin

Clear skin is up there with luscious hair and a stylish wardrobe – every woman wants it, but only some can truly achieve it. Clear and healthy skin does not come naturally; while some are genetically blessed with good skin, they still have to work hard and stick to a routine to help it glow from the inside out. Our skin is one of the few things that stays with us for life, so follow these five tips to help it stay clear and healthy for decades to come.

5 Ways to Treat A fever

If you have a fever, it usually means you have an infection of some sort in your body. The most common causes of these are viruses and bacteria, and they are relatively harmless. However, it can be a symptom of something a little more serious, so if you are running an extremely high temperature or if your fever has lasted for a while, do make sure you see a healthcare professional. It’s never nice when you have a fever, but there are quite a number of ways you can treat it – or at least make yourself feel better while you wait for it to pass. Read on to discover a couple of methods.
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