Ziaja Sensitive Face Cream Review

  Hello my lovely friends!
       My journey with Ziaja started more than a year ago, when I tried their products for the first time. In case you don't know, Ziaja is a family owned Polish brand developed by pharmacists who believe in using natural ingredients and crafting products using the most modern technologies available. All their skin care products are clinically and allergy tested, ph balanced and never tested on animals. 
     Lately, I've been trying some products from them, so expect to see a lot of reviews in future. Today, I'm going to share with you my opinion about the face creams from the Sensitive line from Ziaja. 
   Ziaja Sensitive line does not have parabens, silicones or perfume and it's especially made for the sensitive, dry and rough skin. I choose to include these two face creams in my routine, because I have read many positive reviews about them and since I was in search of new products for my face, I thought it's the perfect time to do it. I've been using them for almost 3 weeks now and I couldn't be more happy. 

   Ziaja Sensitive Day Cream - This cream has 0% silicones, mineral oils and perfume. It has SPF20 and promises to eliminate redness and burning sensation, to provide the optimal level of hydratation and prevent premature anti aging. 
    I can't say many things about the packaging of this product, because it's really simple. What I like about it, is the fact that the cream comes in a tube and not in a jar, so it's more hygenic. The cream has a light texture and once applied absorbs well into the skin. It's also a very good makeup base, and if I add the price, that is more than friendly, I think we have a winner! 
 Ziaja Sensitive Night Cream - The same as her sister, this cream has 0% silicones, mineral oils and perfume. This face cream promises to regenerate, firm and smooth ths skin, to reduce wrinkles and premature skin aging. 
    The texture of this cream is much lighter that the day cream. Once applied, you can actually feel this cream hydrating your face, it's so refreshing. My face was a little irritated when I began using this product and after only 2 uses, every disconfort was gone and my skin looked perfect. I haven't used all the products from Ziaja's Sensitive line, but I have to say that this face cream is the best product that I tried from them!

   As a conclusion, I can say that I am very happy with these two products and if I would have to recommend one of them, I will definitely pick the night cream, a product that is a must have, in my opinion.
   If you live in The Netherlands, you can find a Ziaja store in The Hague (Regentesseplein 223a), or you can order online via Ziajafocusonskin.nl.
  What do you think of Ziaja products? Have you tried these two products?
  Let me know your answers in the comment box below.
  Until next time, take care and don't forget to smile!

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