Five Ways To Add Colour To Your Outfit

Black is having a big moment in the fashion world right now. But that doesn’t mean you should completely shirk all colour from your wardrobe. We often fall back on black because it is easy to wear, and a very practical colour. Even though black clothes may be very wearable, I still prefer a big splash of colour in my outfit!
Not sure how to wear bold colours? It’s a lot easier than you might think. Sometimes, it just involves wearing a very bright accessory! Here are my five favourite ways to add colour to my outfit.

Vibrant Nails
If you aren’t feeling too confident about wearing big, block colours, simply paint your nails. Bright nails are totally in fashion right now. You can paint all your nails the same colour or mix it up and alternate the shades. There are also various effects you can apply. Use a crackle nail polish to create a shattered-glass look.

Statement Jewellery
A large piece of statement jewellery can be very eye-catching. Why not go even bolder with a very large, very bright piece of colourful statement jewellery. A bright necklace can stand out when worn with an all-black outfit. If that sounds too loud for you, stick to a smaller piece of jewellery, like a red bracelet or some hot-pink ear studs. For something slightly more delicate, try wearing some cute Lace Jewellery.

Stylish Shoes
Shoes come in many styles and colours; they are one of the best accessories for adding your personality to an outfit. You can go as brash as you want, or keep them super formal and restrained. They are the perfect way to inject some extra colour, though. And if you fancy splashing the cash, you could try out a pair of Christian Louboutin’s famous shoes. Their red soles are internationally renowned.

Beautiful Blazers
Slip a vibrant blazer over any outfit to brighten it up. The best thing about blazers is that they can be both formal and casual. They are great for all seasons as well. Wear one underneath a long winter coat when the weather is chilly. In the summer instead of wearing a jacket, slip a light blazer over a blouse or t-shirt. They are also one of the best articles of clothing that you can wear both in the office and on a girls’ night out.

Need even more colour in your outfit? Pick up a handbag! Best when matched with shoes, they are not only super convenient for holding all your stuff, but they can also help your outfit pop with colour. Stick to a plain black one for work, but during your free time, you can go to town with your choice of bag. And regardless of your budget, you’ll find a style to suit you. Keep it cheap with something off the high street, or go all out with a one-off designer item.

Use these five tips to shine with sartorial colour; you’ll get heads turning and admiring your look!

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