KIKO Cosmetics Haul

  Hello my lovely friends!
     Tell me, what do you do when your husband sends you a picture of a Kiko store? I'll tell you what I did. I texted him ASAP my wishlist and then counted every single second until he came home with the goodies :)
    On a more serious note, I saw the amazing offers that Kiko had on their site, but the fact that I have to order for a certain amount plus shipping fees made me doubt if I should place an order or not. Lucky me, I did manage to get all the products that I had on my wishlist, thanks to my hubby and today I will show them to you. Are you ready? Here we go!

  Kiko Crystal Sheer Lipstick in shade 405 & 418 - I have to say that I took a gamble with these lipsticks. I could not find swatches for them on the Internet, but I really wanted to try them out so I asked my husband to pick 2 nice shades for me. I think he did an awesome job, I love the colors and the fact that they have a small glitter inside that looks gorgeous on the lips, especially on a sunny day.

   Kiko Cream Crush Eyeshadow in shades 03 & 04 - I have another cream eyeshadow from Kiko that I love very much and I've been wanting to try these ones ever since I saw some swatches online. They are so pigmented and last the whole day without creasing.

 Kiko Velvet Satin Nail Polish in shades 690 & 694 - I am so glad that I added these 2 gorgeous polishes to my collection. They have a semi matte finish and a very good lasting power. You will see swatches soon, on a Swatch Monday post ;)

  Kiko Smooth Temptation Lipstick in shades 01 & 06 - The moment I saw these lipsticks on the site, I thought of the Lippie Stix from Colorpop. I've been wanting to try those for quite a while now, and I thought that these Kiko lipsticks will do the trick untill I get to try the other ones. They are very pigmented and have a good lasting power.

  Kiko Smart Lip Pencil in shades 711 & 712 - Ok, this might sound odd, but I never owned a lip pencil untill now. Don't ask why, because I don't know the answer, maybe because I did not see the reason to own one, maybe. Well, that was untill I saw these awesome shades. They are so pretty and look very nice on the lips, love them!
  Well, that's about it! I am very happy that I could add these beautiful babies to my collection and I can't wait to use them more.
   Do you like the products from Kiko? What do you think of my little shopping spree?
   Let me know your answers in the comment box below.
   Until next time, take care and don't forget to smile!


  1. Wow, ce de bunatati si ce prezentare frumoasa! Ojele satinate arat minunat iar ambele rujuri imi plac enorm! Sa le folosesti cu bucurie!

  2. Mmm arata super bine produsele!!!Sa le folosesti cu drag! :)


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