Latest Empties: Rituals, Max Factor, Yves Rocher, Olaz & more

   Hello my lovely friends!
       It's been a while since my last empties post and since I collected quite a few items in these last 2 months, I thought it won't be such a bad idea to show you what products I finished lately and my short opinion about them. Since I have a lot of products too show you, I think it's best to get started.

Catrice Eyeshadow Base - I bought this product out of curiosity and I have to tell you that I loved it! It's the best primer that I had in a long time and I already repurchased it. It doesn't dry out my eyelid, doesn't crease and makes the eyeshadow to last the whole day. What more can I ask for?
Givenchy Very Irresistible Perfume - When I bought my beloved perfume J'Adore from Dior, I received this 20 ml sample of Givenchy. Usually I don't like sweet scents, but I loved this one right away. I received a full size bottle for Christmas and after I finish that one, I plan to repurchase it because it has become one of my absolute favorites.

 Max Factor Miracle Touch - I think everyone knows by now, how much I love this foundation. If you want to know more about it and see it in action, check out my full review for this product here.
 Max Factor MasterTouch Concealer -  I received this concealer as a gift, when I purchased the Max Factor MasterTouch foundation. I only used it to brigten up my under eye area, but I can't say that it impressed me much. What I liked about it is the fact that it did not dry out my skin, like other concealers do, but besides that nothing else was impressive. I don't think I will purchase this product anytime soon.

Olaz Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Day Cream - I purchased this face cream because of its anti wrinkle properties. I don't have big wrinkles, but better to be safe than sorry, right? Although I use Olaz face cream for a while, I have to say that I did not get along with this particular creme. I did not like the texture of the creme, the smell and I am pretty sure that I won't repurchase it ever again.
Yves Rocher Pure Calmille Face Cream - This face cream comes from the category, oldie but goldie. I used it for so many years and still it's one of my favorites. It calms my skin, applies like a dream and the price is more than ok. Perfect product!
Olaz Anti-Wrinkle Eye Gel - This is the first eye cream that I finish ever. I usually start them and forget all about them, but I really like this one and I used it untill the last drop. It didn't do much for my wrinkles, but it was a good moisturiser for my under eye area.

 Nivea & Etos Eye Makeup Remover -  I used these 2 products at the same time because I wanted to make an idea and see which one is the best. I have to say that none of them impressed me very much, but if I would have to choose one that I liked better, I would go for the Nivea. I like it more because removing my eye makeup wasn't such a struggle as it was with the other one, plus the Nivea is so much better at removing waterproof makeup than the Etos.

 Dove Invisible Dry Roll On - I still had this roll on from when I was pregnant. I don't usually like the roll on deodorants because they leave marks on my clothes and that's totally not nice. Besides that, I don't think they have the same power as the normal deodorants have.
Rexona Stress Control Deodorant - First I have to say that I just LOVE the new packaging from this deo. It's so small, it can fit easely in my bag, it doen't take much space on my vantity, it's perfect! When it comes to deodorants, Rexona, Nivea and Dove are my favorites, so you will probably see them a lot in my next empties posts.

  Yves Rocher Jardins Du Monde Shower Gel - It's no secret that I love some of the products from Yves Rocher. Every time that I catch a good offer, I stock up with my favorite shower gels. I like the fact that I can choose from a big variety of scents and the price is not so bad either.

 Rituals Fortune Oil - Rituals products are among my favorite ones, ever since I moved to the Netherlands. I tried most of their products and I developed an obsession with some of them. Right now, I love the Sweet Orange & Cedar Wood range. It's so fresh and gives me such a nice feeling after I use it. I think this is the third bottle of shower oil that I finish. It leaves me with such a soft and smooth skin and the scent is fantastic!
Rituals T'ai Chi Shower Foam - Although I love the shower foam from Rituals, I hate the scent of this one. It reminded me of grass (sounds so weird) and that's totally not for me. I would totally recommend these shower foams, but in other scents.

 Rituals Sakura Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom Hand Lotion - When I first discovered the Rituals products, the Sakura line was the first that I got to try out. I remember, that I my first met my later to be husband, I received from him a Sakura body butter fo my birthday instead of flowers :) That is why, this line is very special to me and it will always bring back nice memories. This handlotion smells divine, but it kind of disappointed me. It did not rise up to my expectations and did not moisturise my hands as good as I would have hoped to.
Rituals Yin & Happy Body Mist - I use this products daily, after I take a shower. They smell heavenly and their scent last through out the whole day. If I would have to choose a product that I couldn't live without, these body mists would be on the top of my list. Great products!
  In big lines, these were the products that I finshed in the last 2 months or so. Most of them are products that I love and that I keep repurchasing and some of them I tried out and will never come back in my stash again.
   Tell me, what products did you finish lately? Anything here that I made you curious about?
   Let me know your opinion in the comment box below!
   Untill next time, take care and don't forget to smile!

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  1. I also love the yves-rocher showergels although some types do dry out my skin.
    Also nice pictures you took !


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