One Thing That Turned My New Zealand Trip Into Exciting Adventure
We did not plan to go on a vacation this season, but all of a sudden, we got an invitation from our friends from New Zealand. A day of packing, and we were on board. The flight was pretty long, so I slept for the most time of it. And finally, we were there. It took us two stunning days to explore the Southern Island. Marvelous sceneries, icebergs, yellow-eyed penguins and, of course, magnificent whales.

We had so many emotions that it was a bit sad getting back to the thickly peopled Northern Island. It is stuffed enough to get lost, and we honestly doubted about some great activities to find in there. After a few hours around Wellington’s museums and cafés, we came back to our friends' apartment. I was about to hit the sack when they told me to pick up my preppy clothes and heels. Going out so late? Wow! I was excited and really surprised.
It took us half an hour to get ready, and the taxi was already there. I was trying to guess where we were going, but theaters, museums, and restaurants did not fit. When we stopped, I saw a cosmic high tower. It looked even more fantastic with that fancy illumination. Amazed, I turned to our friends. However, without a word we entered the building.
After a long face control procedure, we crossed a long corridor and found ourselves in a luxurious casino. Dozens of green tables, hundreds of rainbow slot machines, attractive dealer girls… I was dazzled! I have never been to a real casino before.
We bought some chips and went for Craps. I have never considered myself a lucky dog, but that time I won a few hundred dollars. And that was just the start. Kiwis are great at poker. But I honestly had no experience in gambling at all. However, my friends convinced me to try. Oh, I could hardly keep in mind all those hands and had to consult all the time. Only in two hours, I acquired the taste of the game. Why haven’t I ever considered casinos being my kind of cookie?
Early morning we went out with an impressive payout. I slept until dinner, and that was not even enough. How come I became a star of the night? I said it was just one-time luck, but my friends insisted on trying it out again. I said that I was too tired to go out. But nothing could stop them, so we went for online casinos.
We checked the best online casino NZ list for the highest payouts, and I tried myself in poker again. I could barely remember all the combinations, and first, my friends had to consult me. But after only two sessions I managed to play myself. It’s hard to believe that I won again. My friends did not want to let me go after such an exciting time we had.
To be honest, I have never thought gambling could be that easy and absorbing. I can’t call myself a plunger, but I will surely keep on playing from time to time.

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