Super Fashion Options For The Winter Season

If your winter is set to be super cold this year, then you need to wrap up warm in the best winter fashion essentials you can find. Winter certainly doesn’t need to be boring, drab or colorless. Layering and outerwear ensure you can change your look as often as you need to. 
Here are my favorite fashion items essential for a cold season:

Warm Coat
There are so many options for outdoor wear this season. You can choose the rugged weatherproof jackets that will the wind and rain out while leaving your room to breathe. Or you might choose something filled with feathers and down to really snuggle into. For great fashion, why not look to wool? A long sweater coat is naturally warm and will also keep you dry as it snows. Best of all, they look incredible with intricate designs and texture.

I love scarves, and there is a scarf for every season and every outfit. When it’s cold, a long wool scarf can wrap around you and keep your delicate neck warm. And when it’s winter, nobody thinks twice about you wearing a fashion scarf all day long at work and at home. It’s comforting, and a scarf makes for a fabulous accessory. There are plenty of different ways to tie a scarf too so it can work day or night.

The pain you experience when your hands get super cold is awful. Keep the chill and wet off your fingers with a good pair of gloves. I love all the different vibrant colors available in leather gloves at the moment. Be sure to pick a pair that is fully lined. Why not grab a pair of mittens this year? They’re so cute and can be found in a range of textiles like wool and faux fur. Perfect for a chilly snowball fight!

Lined boots are perfect for keeping your legs and feet warm as you walk through the snow. I love those gorgeous snow boots with the little faux fur rims. They can feel a bit clunky by the time you get to the office, though, so keep a spare pair of pumps under the desk! Alternatively, why not go for long leather boots? They’ll keep you dry and still look incredible with a great skirt at work or out on a date.

Even if your coat or jacket has a hood, I still recommend adding a hat to your ensemble. Sure, there is always the risk of a messed up hair, but hats look amazing while you wear them. You can use them to help frame the face as well as keep you toasty and warm. This season is seeing the baggy beret in lots of different colors. Soft pastels are particularly popular. Why not try out a faux fur cossack hat? Silk or satin lining will reduce the static in your hair too.

Winter is a great time for fashion. And it’s the one time when you really want to snuggle into your fabrics to feel cozy. Keep warm!

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