Making Your Bedroom The Best Room In The House

Wanting to make your bedroom truly amazing? Sure you do! Read on for five new vibes perfect for a bedroom, plus how to get them.


Make it… colourful!
You might have to be strict with colour usage elsewhere in the house. It can act as a turn-off to guests and potential buyers, should you wish to sell in the future. However, if there is one room in the house you can get away with being bright, it’s your bedroom. Give careful thought to the colours you will use those. If you want revitalising or invigorating feelings, think soft yellows or oranges. Or, if you want calming vibes, go for pale blue or pale green. There is a reason why these two colours are often used in places like schools and hospitals.


Make it… spacious!
Make the most of any opportunities to increase the space in your bedroom. Do you have built-in wardrobes that you never use? Get rid of them, or move them to another place in the house. Do you have an ensuite bathroom that doesn’t get used much? Turn it into a walking wardrobe. This will then free up space in the bedroom, and you can get rid of hefty shelves and drawers. You’ll also be saving money on the cost of heating, lighting and powering the ensuite.

Make it… comfortable!
What is an amazing bedroom without an amazing bed? Investing in your bed and its components means investing in your health. Consider memory foam pillows to ensure your neck is supported properly. You don’t want to wake up with aches and pains. Same goes for your mattress; invest in a top quality one, like a double latex mattress from John Ryan by Design. We spent a huge amount of our lives in our beds. We might as well sleep comfortably! Consider getting a goose down duvet for a cloud-like sleep, and use good quality sheets. The better the quality, the softer and more durable they will be.

Make it… relaxing!
It is so important to be able to relax in your bedroom. This is the place where you recharge your batteries for the next day. Life is busy, and we have work, family, chores and responsibilities to contend with. You deserve and need to have a good night’s sleep. One way to improve your ability to relax is to replace your noisy morning alarm. Instead, replace it with a more relaxing one, that wakes you up with light and gentle bird song. Some of these alarms have radios as well. You can then use this function before bed too, to listen to some calming music.

Make it… luxurious!
The rest of the house might need to be a child-proof, dog-proof or visitor-proof room. But your bedroom is the one place in the home that can be truly yours. This means that if luxury is your thing, this is the place to add it. Candles are an excellent touch, and truly affordable. Keep them up high and out of reach of curious fingers. Invest in a silky robe to wear while you’re getting ready for bed, and a super-soft blanket.

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