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Hello my lovelies,
    I don't want to start again with apologies for my absence. I think you all got used by now with that. I'm still struggling to find more time for me and my blog, but dealing with 2 kids everyday is not so pink as the commercials say, let's put it like that. Anyway, today I have a very nice post for you and I hope you will enjoy it!
   Tell me, who doesn't love shopping? I know I do! Now, how many of you drooled over all the goodies that you can find in american stores? They have such a wide variety of products, at such good prices that sometimes I thank God that I don't live there, otherwise I would be bankrupt. My best friend, Elisa, who lives in America, helped me to get my hands on some very nice products that I will show you today. So, if  I made you curious even one bit, read on and see what I bought!

     Aaaa, Bath&Body Works! I love their products and I am so happy that I could take advantage of their anual sale. My favorite scent from them is Moonlight Path and that is why I chose to buy the whole range. In this package, I received the body lotion and the body mist, but soon I will show you the other Bww that I'e bought.
     Since Elisa is aan angel, she sended me a lot of presents. Among them was this body mist from Victoria's Secret. I admit that I am not a big fan of Victoria's Secret, but this mist really got me! It smells so nice, I used it every day since I received it! Thanks sweetie, you are the best!

Two words: nail polish! Yes, my friend knows me best and she sent me the most gorgeous nail polishes ever! I absolutely adore that purple and I can't wait to show you all the collection in a future Swatch Monday post.

  This spring, I had a major dilemma. I liked 2 perfumes and I did not know what to pick. In the end I went for Chloe, but I was still thinking at the other one also, I'm talking about Michael Kors Glam Jasmine. This perfume smells so nice and lasts the whole day. This set was a real bargain and I am so happy that I got my hands on one of the last pieces.

   I was talking with Elisa one day, and we found out that Mac has dropped their price for their single eyeshadow pans. We decided quicly what we wanted and immediately placed an order. I won't talk much about the shades that I picked because I want to do a special post just with them, they totally deserve it!

   Another present from my sweet girl! She got me a Laura Geller blush and she gave me one of her Lorac mini palettes, because she knew I loved those shades so much. What can I say, I'm really blessed to have her as my friend, she knows me best!

   I got myself some Real Tecniques brushes because I caught a good offer and because you can never have too many brushes, right? I've heard so much about the Core Collection set, I knew it had to be mine and I can't wait to use them.

   From now on, everything that you will see is a present from my dear friend. She sent me these Too Faced single eyeshadows and I can't tell you how surprised I was. They are so pigmented! I could not believe my eyes. Besides that, the packaging is so cute, love them!

   I also received some Pur Cosmetics goodies to try out and a primer from Make up For Ever. Never tried anything from these brands, so I'm excited to give them a try!

  You can never have too many Bath&Body Works sanitizers :) I love their scent and that cute little packaging. The Revlon lip pencil has a very vibrat color, perfect for summer.
  I love the Urban Decay mascara, I have another one, also from Elisa and I used it till the last drop. It's a perfect mascara! The Covergirl mascara is the first product that  try out from this brand and I am pretty curious about what it can do, I'll keep you posted!

  Last, but not least, I received a gorgeous mommy planner. I have a thing for cute notebooks and planners and this one is stunning, it's a perfect mommy accessory I would say.
  The cute hand lotion from Eos smells divine, love it!

   I know what you're all thinking. She's so lucky to have a friend like Elisa and I would have to agree with you, but not for the reasons that you might think. I am indeed lucky to be her friend, I am honored to be her friend because I honestly tell you that I never met in my life a better person than this girl! I'm telling her that every day, she amazes me and she shows me that if you do good, good will come to you. She is a real inspiration! I love you my beautiful friend, THANK YOU for always being there for me and for all your wonderful gifts!

   What do you like most of all these poducts? Let me know your answers in the comment box below.
    Untill next time, take care and don't forget to smile!


  1. I love Butter London nailpolishes. The best nailpolishes I ever used. Even though they are pricey they are totally worth it!

    1. Now I'm even more happy that I have them! Can't wait to try them on! Thanks for stoping by :*

  2. Woowwww ce de bunatati, ojele Butter arata superb, sa le folosesti cu placere <3

    1. Multumesc frumos Oana :* Intr-adevar ojele alea arata intr-un mare fel! Pupici!

  3. I love you so so so much and I thank God everyday for you! You've opened the door to my heart and you moved in. I'm blessed that you're my best friend, I'm blessed that I can talk to you everyday!
    We laugh, we cry, we make fun of each other, we share secrets, we share pain & are my sister form another mother and you'll always gonna be.
    I hope you're enjoying you gifts & the shopping spree you had! Love you!

    1. Now you made me cry :* I love you so much, you hae no idea! Sisters forever! And prepare yourself because in e few years we will shop together for these goodies, that's a promise!


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