A Rather Comfortable Fashion Trend


     Throughout history we have often tortured ourselves, by wearing extremely uncomfortable clothing or shoes, for the sake of fashion.  In the past women had to wear petticoats, corsets and long gowns. Now we suffer through pushup bras and uncomfortable high heel shoes. Men have had to suffer through every manner of suit, tie and silly hats.  A recent refreshing trend, wearing athletic clothing for day-to-day use, could not be more comfortable.

   Sweats, zip up little jackets, spandex shirts and athletic shoes used to be reserved for times we actually were working out. Now these fashions are worn on the street or train, or even in the office. You could buy your groceries in yoga pants and no one would bat an eye. Why is this?

  Perhaps it is because our standards of beauty are changing. We are in an obesity epidemic in this country. In the distant past, being slightly overweight, by today’s standards, would have been considered sexy. If you had big hips and a bit of a belly on you, it was a sign of affluence. It meant that you could afford to eat. If you were a woman, it meant that you might survive childbirth. Being athletic and fit is now the ideal body type. It means that you care about your health and living an active lifestyle. Wearing athletic clothing is an outward sign that you care about health and fitness.

   The major shoe brands, such as adidas, Nike, Under Armor, and Puma recognize this trend and have hundreds of styles of clothing to choose from. Groupon Discount Codes for stores like Very have large selections and great deals from all the major brands in stock to choose from.

  If you want to look your best in this kind of fashion, just make sure that whatever you buy is comfortable and fits your body type. You don’t have to be an athlete to wear athletic clothing, but don’t wear skin tight spandex if you are far from fit. Make the clothing something that you would actually feel like working out in. Perhaps it will even encourage you to work out more and be the best possible version of you.

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