Nivea Shower Silk Mousse


   Hello my lovely friends!
        If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I was in a short trip to Germany 2 weeks ago and I did not come back home empty handed. While I was there, I spotted the new Nivea shower mousse, that hit the stores recently, and it’s logical that I had to try it out. Did I catch your attention? If your answer is yes, then read on and let’s discover what these babies can do!
    The new Nivea silk mousse, is meant to pamper your skin with the unique formula that contains silk extracts. The soft and gentle texture of the silky mousse nourishes and cleanses the skin very gently leaving it soft and hydrated.
     Each shower mousse has a label on the back that you can rub and discover the scent that it has. I thought that is a very smart move from Nivea, because that way you know what you’re buying. I also like that there are 3 silk mousse fragrances available:
Creme care –  This is the classic Nivea cream smell and also, my first pick from the 3. I love the Nivea smell and I really can’t get enough of it!
Creme Smooth – This one has a light sweet soapy scent.
Creme Soft – Soft almond scent.

       To apply the product, you simply need to shake well the bottle, hold it upright and apply a small amount of mousse on your hand, simple as that. The foam is very efficient, cleans the skin very well leaving it super smooth and with a killer scent. I know that usually, the shower mousse leaves the skin more dry than other shower products, but I did not had this problem with the one from Nivea. I actually think that my skin is very soft after I use it and the smell remains on my skin for a long time. The bottle has 200ml of product, but considering that you only need to apply a small amount for every shower, a little goes a long way.
     As a conclusion, I can say that I like this silk mousse from Nivea. If I have to compare it with similar products on the market (Rituals shower foam, Balea shower foam) I would say that for the price (2,50 euro) it’s definately a  good product and need to be taken in consideration.
     Have you tried this product yet? What is your opinion about it?
     Let me know your opinion in  the comment box below.
     Until next time, take care and don’t forget to smile!

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