Organising A Hen Party? Here's How To Get It Sorted

When it comes to being a bridesmaid one of the main things you have to organise is the hen do. Let’s face it; the bride has enough on her plate with flowers and table decorations. In fact, it can be quite fun getting involved in the whole process. Whether the bride wants involvement. Or whether she would like a complete surprise. I thought It would be a good idea to share with you a few tips to get a great hen party sorted.


Guest list
First things first, get yourself a guest list sorted. This might be worth checking over with the bride before you finalise it all. This may be because you have forgotten a long lost aunt. Or she may only want certain people to attend. Knowing your numbers will always give you a base to start with the rest of your hen party organising. It can determine where you go and what you do. So it’s the first place to start.

Sort a date
The next thing to sort out is the date you want to organise your hen party. You need to decide if it is just a day thing, a night thing or a whole weekend. Some people go away for a mini break abroad for a few days. You also need to consider how close the hen party is to the wedding day itself. Some people like to do it the week before whereas others prefer for it to be a few months in advance.


Find something unique to do
This is where you can get very creative with your choice of hen party theme. You might want to go away for a break. This could be sunning yourself on a beach or exploring a new city. Another suggestion would be to consider a city in the UK and decide on just a night out. If you want to go against the tradition, there are many things you could consider. You might want to have a spa break, an afternoon tea or even head to a Paintball location. That could make a great hen party.

Use social media
A great way to communicate your plans is through social media. You could create a Facebook group which will allow you to add all the members so you can discuss your plans. This is where others will be able to get involved in the chat. Also after the event, everyone can exchange photographs and use the group as a way to reminisce about all the fun you had. You can create polls to determine opinions. You will find it a real useful tool, and it’s much easier than attempting to text everyone. You could also use the phone application Whatsapp and create a group chat to tell everyone your plans.

Enjoy it
Don’t forget to enjoy the hen party yourself and think about the bride. As much as it has been hard to organise, I’m sure everyone will appreciate the hardwork and effort. The whole point is to send your friend into married life on a high. So make sure you do just that.
I hope this helps you if you have to organise a hen party in the future.

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  1. These are great tips! I was looking at hen do ideas for my best friend who's said it's completely in my hands and I honestly had no idea where to start. It didn't cross my mind to double check the guest list with her but I'm definitely going to do that. She might just want her nearest and dearest there.


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