Important Wedding Tasks Your Bridesmaids Can Actually Help With

Bridezilla or not, when it comes to planning your wedding, there is a good chance you want to be in charge. After all, it is your special day. There will things you want a certain way. There may even be specific things you’ve daydreamed about since you got engaged… or since you were a little girl!

Insisting on these doesn’t make you Bridezilla. It just means you know what you want. However, as a result, you may find it difficult handing over the reigns to your friends and family. But that is exactly what your bridesmaids are for. A big part of your wedding party, they are there to help and assist you in any way that they can. In fact, they’re probably really excited and want to help you out!
So, the challenge, therefore, is finding wedding tasks that they can help with. Guess what? Things that you don’t need full control over do exist. Let’s look at what they are.

The invitations
Yes, you may have a very specific message you want including. You may have a colour scheme in mind. You may even have a style of invitation that you like the best. But all of those necessities can be conveyed to your bridesmaids. She can then be the one to take over the ordering, posting and collecting of the RSVPs. Finding your design online is the best way, as you can both look at them without needing to be together. Look on sites like for a wide range of designs.


The bridesmaids dresses
Bridesmaids always appreciate a bride who gives them some control over their dress. It may be your day, but it will be them that is wearing it. It may even be that it is them that are paying for it, either in full or a contribution. So, if you have a specific colour in mind, great! If you have a style you’d like them to try, that’s fine too. Make these things clear, and then give them a few weeks to come up some suggestions. Online stores like have a wedding range only launched in the last year or so. Set up a Facebook group where you and the rest of the Bridesmaids can share images of their favourite dresses. This will help you all get a clearer idea of what everyone wants. You are fine to have the deciding vote. But letting them find suggestions will save you a big job. Plus, you know that whatever you do pick in the end, they will be happy with.


The hen party
Traditionally, this is organised by your Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids anyway. Let go of the reigns on this one, and let them organize it for you. They should know you well enough to know what you will enjoy. If you must, you can give them a bit of guidance. Say, if you really want to go glamping, ( can help!) or would love a city break. But aside from that, leave the details up to them. Part of the fun of a hen party is little surprises along the way. Remember that you don’t always have to be in total control in order to enjoy yourself. Try and relax and go with the flow. Trust your girls to have planned a weekend that you will love.  This is, in a way, a gift from them to you, so accept it graciously and enjoy yourself!

The tidy up

Now, we can’t really pretend this is a fun one! However, it is an important one. Your bridesmaids will need to help with the tidy up! If you’re lucky, you’ll have got a venue where the owners tidy up after you leave. These do exist, thank goodness. However, you may have got your heart set on a place where you need to tidy up yourself. This is common in barn and outdoor venues. If this is the case, make it clear from the start that your bridesmaids will have to help. But reassure them that others will help too. Get your Groom to tell his groomsmen, ushers and best man to help too. The more people who get to work, the quicker it will all be done. Make it enjoyable by playing some music, and have a buffet table for people to snack on too. If you all pull your weight, you’ll be done in no time at all! Thank them with a little gift and a big hug!

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