Ziaja Marine Algae Smoothing Enzime Peeling Review

Hello my lovely friends!
        Today, I want to say a few words about a great product that I discovered for a while. You're probably wondering what took me so long to write about it, right? Well, first of all, I wanted to try it for a while and see how I get along with it and second of all, you all know by now that free time is a complete luxury for me these days.
     If you follow me, you probably know by now that I am a big fan of Ziaja products. I tried a lot of them and most of them proved me that you can find good quality skin care at affordable prices, you just have to give them a chance. You can check out some of the Ziaja reviews that I've done, here and here.

      Ziaja Marine Algae Enzyme Peeling  is a peeling/mask for daily care of 30+ skin. Its key ingredients are : vitamin A (helps the skin looking young), provitamin B5 (helps the skin to remain hydrated), canola oil (helps to eradicate blemishes and fine lines), bioactive enzyme with algae (helps to lock moisture into the skin, great for those with dry skin), retinol (great for reducing the intensity of black spots).
      This peeling/mask can e used two times per week, but one time is more than enough for me. I apply it after I cleanse my skin very well, and I leave it on for about 20 min. After that, I take it off with luke warm water and I apply moisturizer. As simple as that!  My skin is glowing after I use this peeling and it's very smooth, love it!
      I usually wear SPF 30 in summer, but after I use peeling, I go with SPF 50 for a few days, just to be on the safe side.
     You can find this peeling on  the Ziaja site at a very good price.
     If you live in The Netherlands, you can find a Ziaja store in The Hague (Regentesseplein 223a), or you can order online via Ziajafocusonskin.nl.

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