Classy Hen Party Ideas

  You guessed it! It's that time of the year when everybody is struck by wedding fever. All brides to be know that the highlight of getting married is a fabulous hen party together with friends and family. Yes, you read correctly. I wrote friends and family because, in my opinion, a hen party wouldn't be complete without the important women from the bride's family.
   I know that some of you might think that a hen party is all about meeting with your friends, go to a bar, have some drinks and party the night away until the morning, but luckily those days are gone.
    A recent study made by Blue Chip Holidays, revealed that brides prefer classy and sophisticated hen parties where they can spend quality time with their loved ones and create great memories over tacky hen parties and that's totally understandable.
   Don't worry, classy doesn't mean boring. You have plenty of ideas to choose from and make sure that your hen party will be unforgettable. But, if you still haven't decided what you want to do, take a look at the following ideas and make sure you celebrate in style!
1. City break
       Think a little outside the box, take initiative and plan a 2 day trip with your friends and family. You can visit museums, check out a different culture and enjoy!

2. Spa weekend
     There's nothing better than a spa day to get rid of pre-wedding stress. Pamper yourself with massages and facials. In  the end, you will look refreshed and more relaxed.

3. Photoshoot
     Hire a good photographer and make an unforgettable hen party. You can dress up as you like, be as silly as you like, the important thing is that these pictures will bring back lovely memories and a smile on your face for years to come.

4. Take a cooking class
       If you enjoy cooking, why not take a cooking class with your friends? You can learn some new tricks yourself and it will be a fun experience for everyone!

5. Tea party
      Who said that a tea party is old fashioned? You can choose to hold it at your own place, or at a fancy hotel. You can serve a wide variety of teas, desserts, and mini sandwiches. If you have older family members that attend your hen party, this idea is the best.

   A hen party is a very important matter for a bride and her friends and family. With so many ideas available, it's close to impossible not to find something that will match your desires.
   Tell me, what do you think a perfect hen party should be like?

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