Everything I Do To Secure My Kid’s Future

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 Even at fifteen, I knew I had responsibilities as a mother. I had a little life that was dependent on me for nurturing, support, health, and learning. As my little one grows from a boy into a man, I know, he’s not going to be as dependent on me. The doctors will look after his health; the school will provide the education he needs and yes, he will still come to me for emotional support. But, he’ll also have a group of friends and new social connections and contacts to rely on. So, what is my role as my son gets older? Well, as cold as it might sound, parenting becomes mainly financial support. Don’t get me wrong; I know parents provide more than money for their kids. But it is a big part of helping them grow. Particularly, when they reach the teenage years. I’ve already started planning for this stage in his life, and if you’re a parent, I encourage you to do the same.

Saving For Uni

I’m going to do everything I can to ensure my kid doesn’t come out of uni with a massive debt hanging on his shoulders. It’s common these days for university students to leave higher education with debts of thirty thousand plus. That’s not going to happen to my boy if I can avoid it. Not even now that university fees are sure to rise when Brexit takes full effect. I’ve got at least eight years before my kid heads off to uni, and that gives me a lot of time to save. That’s my plan. I aim to save a fraction of what I earn each month and put it towards my kid’s future. It’s hard work, but it will be worth it if I can help him avoid debt many of us have to go through.

Writing A Will

When you have kids, you need to make sure you have a will. You need to prepare for what might happen to them if something happens to you. You might think, well, my partner will look after them. But what if the cause of your death is a car crash and your partner is taken at the same time? I know, it’s a horrible scenario, and it’s frightening to consider. But you need to because even after you’re gone, you can still provide for your children. You can do this by taking care of your children in your will. Make sure that they have everything you can provide them with for a great quality of life.

Health Care

I feel lucky every day to live in the UK and have complete access to the NHS. I know that in most countries health care isn’t like that, and you have to pay. But the truth is even in England; you’ve got to pay. If you want the best service with the shortest waits, you need to go private. Just like every other place in the world, you’ve got to pay for health care. If my child ever has a serious condition that needs treatment, that’s what I plan to do. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been considering private health care for some time now. It may well be the right decision for you too.
If you take my advice, you can guarantee your children always have everything they need from you.

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