Great Outdoor Lighting Ideas

With summer well and truly on its way, creating an outdoor space you love is crucial. Think of all the amazing summer parties you can host, BBQ’s with family having drinks with friends on balmy summer evenings and just sitting outside in the garden when its warm. To really enjoy your outdoor space to its full potential, great outdoor lighting is a must. Here are some ideas to make sure your outdoor space dazzles:

Fairy lights
There’s nothing like some well-placed fairy lights to create a magical atmosphere in your garden. Small twinkling lights wrapped around trees, fencing or furniture look gorgeous and can add a charming touch to your garden. Go for clear halogen bulbs for a classic fairy-tale garden vibe or if you’re wanting to create a brighter more tropical feel, bright colourful lights look really effective.

Wall Lights
If fairy lights are a little too festival-esque for your style, some well placed wall lighting could be the perfetc way to light up your garden. Much more subtle, but offering a larger amount of light, there's an amazing selection of decorative wall lighting available at Cox and Cox, where you'll be sure to find the perfect fixtures for your garden. From brass hanging lamp styles to cage and bunker styles, there’s so many different varieties available.

Eco-friendly lighting

There's an amazing selection of solar powered garden lighting available now that saves energy and makes your garden look gorgeous without boosting your energy bills. With solar lamps, catching the sun’s rays all day when you switch them on at night they light up your garden just like any other lights without costing a penny and come in a great range of styles. 

For a more atmospheric style of garden lighting, homemade lighting features have become really popular. Either by using candles or battery powered tea lights and making your own lanterns from jam jars and tiny glass pots, you can hang little lanterns from trees or place on steps and furniture to add a cute touch to your garden.
   There are so many different ways to light up your garden this summer. Whether you want to create subtle sophisticated lighting or go all out is up to you, with so many different lighting options on the market, whether you go for a warm glow or make a statement with your lighting, you’ll be able to create the perfect space. 

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