Scandinavian Interior Inspiration

Creating your own Nordic inspired home is now easier than ever before, With Scandinavian inspired interior design at the forefront of all homeware trends, there’s no better time than now to give your home a Scandi makeover. Here are some easy ways to create key Scandinavian interior looks to get you feeling inspired:

Clean, Light Tones
Firstly, the focal difference between Scandi interiors and other styles is the focus on cleanness and light. As the sun sets so early in Scandinavian countries, homes are decorated in light tones, to hang on to the light for as long as possible. Recreate this by painting walls in light grey, white or off-white hues and be sure to get rid of any heavy carpets or dark flooring in favour of stripped back, white painted floorboards.

A key focus of Scandinavian design is functionality. A room has to fulfil its purpose before anything else, so decoration and embellishment are a no-no. There’s no room for clutter so clear out anything unnecessary in favour of empty surfaces and neat storage boxes. Scandi living spaces tend to be very minimalist, so bear this in mind when creating yours as British style tends to be much more cluttered in living rooms. Go for minimalist style furniture from Skandium with clean lines and clutter free styling at the forefront of your mind.

Natural Materials
Natural, clean materials are essential when it comes to Scandi style. From light coloured pine bookshelves and beech wardrobes, to marble table tops and plenty of foliage. Greenery is the number 1 accessory when it comes to Scandi style so don’t be afraid to add a variety of different style plants and cacti to your home to give it a little extra something.

To personalise your Scandi style interior, don’t be afraid to add pops of colour. With the focus of Scandinavian design being light and airy, there’s room for pops of pastel colours and cooler tones in small doses. From a baby pink pendant light to a dark blue rug on white floorboards, little pops of colour are how Scandinavian people put their own stamp on their home and can really help to give your home an individual edge if Scandi styling seems a little too minimalist and bare at first.
With Nordic style taking over our wardrobes and homes, it looks set to stay. So take this inspiration and get started on your own Scandi style interior makeover today. 

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  1. I really love Scandi and Nordic home design, but it fit only a huge houses. When you try to make your small room in Scandinavic style it look awful


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