Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals Review

     When it comes to self-tanning industry, it's safe to say that Vita Liberata is the absolute leader! From movie stars, VIP's or beauty experts, everyone loves their innovative products and I can understand why. 
     Vita Liberata revolutionized the beauty industry when they launched the world's first self-tanning bronzing mineral powder. This may look like a normal bronzing powder, but don't get fooled, it's so much more! Infused with Trystal3™ Technology, this products formula interacts with the formula of your everyday moisturizer or foundation and gradually tans your skin. 

Product details:

- The bronzer comes together with a super soft kabuki brush. The brush is very good quality and the rose gold handle makes it even more luxurious. The powder itself is in a standard plastic jar with sifter. I decided to keep the plastic foil over the sifter to keep the powder in and keep the packaging clean. 

- This powder is available in two shades: Sunkissed & Bronze. I choose Sunkissed and I have to say that I am pretty happy with my choice. This shade is perfect for my fair skin!

- This bronzer provides a sheer, lightweight coverage. It offers a natural bronze effect and a radiant look. I have to admit since I received it, this is my everyday go to product.


   I put some product into the lid and then I pick it up with the kabuki brush. After that, I tap the handle of the brush onto the lid (to get rid of the extra product and to make sure that the minerals are evenly spread onto the brush bristles ) and I blend the powder onto the face with circular moves.

  You can find this bronzer on the Vita Liberata website and in Sephora stores. It retails for $55.

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