Your 6-step holiday saving plan

     Dare I say it… is summer here? You have to be so careful about opening your mouth about such things, as the weather gods are always within earshot, and as we know all too well, this island has an uncanny knack of banishing the sun when you least expect it. Nevertheless, there is at least some cause for optimism that a decent summer may yet be on its way.
   It rightly has us all dreaming of our hollibobs. Some may already be on their way already! For those looking to head to Europe, news of the EU referendum and the pound slumping will be very disappointing.
  But while it may feel like you’ve been hit in the pocket before you’ve even taken your purse out, there are quick and easy ways to enhance your travel budget, without having any less fun…

1.Flexi flight fares

    If you haven’t booked your flights yet, there’s a pretty nifty trick you can use with EasyJet to beat the ridiculous holiday prices. Simply book a flight on the ‘wrong date’ (ie: when the flights are cheaper) using a flexi fare ticket, and then change it to the dates you actually want to travel on. Provided this falls within a few weeks of the original booking, you shouldn’t need to pay another penny. That and other sneaky (but perfectly legal) tricks can be found here.

2.Be smart with currency exchange

Yes, we’re all feeling the pinch of the plummeting pound. It’s already decreased in value by 10 per cent against most major currencies, and making our holidays more expensive in the process. All the more reason though to choose your place of currency exchange very carefully. It really is well worth going onto travel exchange comparison sites, but for Pete’s sake, promise me one thing… you won’t change your money at airports!

3.The right helping hand

You may be surprised to note that one in five Brits who head abroad on holiday do so having used some form of finance. Certainly any stigmas attached to loans are fast dissipating, and there’s no shame in getting a helping hand. What’s important is to choose the right one that leaves you paying a rate of interest you can afford. For homeowners, putting it on the mortgage may be the best way to go. For the rest of us, a low-cost personal loan can ensure that you get to have the available funds to really enjoy your holiday with your loved ones, without the cloud of overpriced debt hanging over you when you return.

4.Reclaim on delays

We haven’t actually left the EU yet, and one of the glorious rulings they have in place is with regard to flight delays. If you’ve been delayed by more than three hours in the past six years and it was the airline’s fault, you’re entitled to claim potentially hundreds of pounds. This can include the cost of the ticket, and even meals and accommodation that were reasonably required/affected by the delays, so it’s well worth looking into.

5.Pay in local currency

If you’re using an ordinary debit card abroad, and get asked what currency you wish to pay in – be that for a restaurant bill or a purchase in a shop – always say the local currency. That’s because, particularly in Europe, the conversion rates are poor in most stores and establishments, so it’s far cheaper to let your bank do the conversion.

6.Turn off your roaming

Cheap roaming was light-heartedly billed as one of the signature reasons to stay in the EU. Indeed, the cost in the EU is capped at about 20p per MB. But outside the borders of the continent, there is no such limit, and there has been many a horror story of people racking up enormous bills for data roaming without even being aware of it. Quite simply, just switch it off. There is wifi in most places in the world, and besides, a bit of time off from the internet can really help you escape the world and fully relax.

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  1. I also make saving plans, but I make them for seasons - summer, autumn, winter and spring, including all holidays here and 2 times a year vacation!


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