5 Tips To Keep Your House Safe While You Are Away

   It's a true fact that a house left empty while its owners are travelling can be a target for burglars. That's why it's very important that you take extra measures to keep your house and belongings safe while you are away.
   Here are some basic tips that you should consider before you decide to go on a holiday.

  1.Make sure your house insurance is up to date. Better yet, if you don't have a house insurance, consider in getting one asap. Not only you will feel more relieved knowing that your house and belongings are in safe hands, but you also know that in case something happens (fire, someone breaks in) you will receive monetary compensation. There are many insurance companies on the market, so study their offers and pick the one that suits you and your needs the best. If you live in Ireland, make sure to take a look at Chill Insurance. They compare for you all the best insurers, that way you know that you picked the one that's best for you.

   2. Ask a friend, a relative or a neighbour to help. I always have a spare key left at my neighbour, and I ask her to look after my house every time we are away. It gives us peace of mind, knowing that someone we trust is looking after our house and we can enjoy our holiday better. If you choose this option, don't forget to leave your contact information and your itinerary, in the case of emergencies.

   3. Don't post on social media the fact that you are on holiday. It's a common thing these days, to check in and show our social media friends where we are. Everybody does it, so why shouldn't you do it, right? Well, if I tell you that this thing might tip off some burglars, would you still do it? Guess not. I know that you are excited and you want to show your friends all the nice places that you visit, but have a little patience until you get home, then you can post everything you want.

4. Don't forget to double check everything! You don't want to be half way there and still trying to remember if you unplugged the iron before you left. Make a checklist before you go and try to check everything before you leave the house. Check if you unplugged everything if all the lights are closed, if the windows and doors are closed. You have no idea what a peace of mind you will have knowing you left everything in order.

5. Remove your spare key. If a burglar finds out that you are out of town, it's logical that the first thing that he'll do is to look for the spare key. Forget all the hiding spots that you thought were safe, if you are away, those places are not safe anymore.

What are your tips to keep a home safe while you are on a holiday?

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