5 Ways To Get Ready For The Holiday Season

   With September just around the corner, I believe it's safe to say that the holiday season is closer than we think. Sure, you might think that it's still a long way to go until December, but don't get fooled, studies have shown that the less time you have during the holiday season, the more money you will spend just to get things done.
   Holiday season means family and friends getting together and celebrating, but it also means a big hole in your budget, so I've put together some tips that are meant to help you get ready and make the most out of your holidays.
1. Start saving up
     This sounds much easier than it really is in my opinion, especially if you have a tight budget every month. But even so, it's not all lost. Even if you manage to put small amounts aside, little by little it will all add up and you might be surprised of how much you saved.
2. Pick a budget and try to stick to it
     Unexpected expenses may appear, but if you already have most of your holiday budget planned up, things will be a lot easier. So don't waste any more time, once you thought of a budget, make a list with all the expenses that come with the holidays and see if you can stick to your plan.
 3. Start shopping now
      You can never have too many supplies in the house, especially for the holidays, so start shopping now and save then until December. You can do the same with the gift for your loved ones also. Find out in time what are their wishes and try to get them before the holiday season. Don't forget to check out the annual sales where you can get great things at awesome prices.
4. Make your own gifts
     This is another way to save up for the holiday season. I know that for the holiday everyone wants big presents, but nothing compares with a gift make from the heart, right? If you're not a crafty person, like me, try to use Pinterest as your guidance. You can find a lot of ideas and step by step tutorials, so get creative!
5. Prepare for the unexpected 
      If an unexpected expense occurs such as a washing machine breaking down or a pet getting ill, no matter what your budget and how careful you are budgeting even the best-laid plans can go wrong at the worst time! Consider lending some money, at least until your next pay comes from a company such as vivus. This will solve your problem for the moment, giving you time to enjoy the holidays without having to stress for the budget unexpected expense and cancelling all plans. 
    Do you usually have a holiday budget? How do you save money for the holiday season?     

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