5 Tips To Deal With Incontinence During Pregancy

   When I found out I was expecting my second daughter I thought I knew what to expect, but trust me, I didn't! During pregnancy, the body goes through a lot of changes, some good and some that are not so pleasant. I won't talk to you today about the usual things like nausea, weight gain or the horrible mood swings. Today, I want to develop a subject that is not brought on very often although this matter is very common among many pregnant women. I am talking about the urinary incontinence.
  We all know that during pregnancy the need to urinate frequently is increased  because the growing uterus is putting extra pressure on the bladder and that is when the urinary incontinence occurs. Although it's not such a big issue, it can be uncomfortable and in some situations quite embarrassing. Luckily I got rid of this problem after my daughter was born, but to other women, this issue might go on after the birth also. If you are expecting or you still suffer from incontinence after you gave birth, take a look at the tips below, you never know which one might help you.
 1. Keep your weight under control.
       I know that during pregnancy this is the last thing that you think of, especially if you have food cravings, but trust me, it's better for you and healthier to keep a certain track of your weight. I'm telling you this because, if you are heavier it's more likely to suffer from incontinence.
2. Drink lots of fluids
     Make sure that you are always hydrated. I know this means, even more, trips to the bathroom, I've been there. I am also not a big fan of water, but my doctor explained that dehydration can cause a urinary tract infection and that changed everything. Also, try to cut down on too much coffee and tea, they have the tendency to irritate the bladder and cause more leaks.
3. Exercise
    Kegels exercises help strengthen your body muscles and can be effective in stopping the flow. I've done these on a daily basis in my first trimester, but I'll have to admit that after that I got a little bit lazy.
4. Use incontinence pads
      Urinary incontinence can be inconvenient, but can be kept under control with incontinence pads. These pads are pretty awesome and they made my life easier during the pregnancy and after I gave birth. Hartmann Direct offers a great variety of incontinence pads at very good prices, so you can take a look and see which pads will be best for you.
5. Eat a lot of fiber
    I can still hear my doctor saying this to me over and over again. She was annoying me at the time, but I know now that she was right. Constipation adds pressure to the bladder and that will only make the incontinence problem bigger.
   Keep in mind that during pregnancy, the communication with your doctor is very important. Don't forget to enjoy the changes that your body goes through and take care of you and your baby.

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