Alternative Ways to Look for Jobs: From Event Participation to the Internet Search

   Today’s world is very competitive that landing a job has become quite tough. In fact, finding one is in itself challenging. You might feel like your dream job is hiding, but if you really know where to look, you would realize that it is actually hiding in plain sight. Be more creative and utilize new approaches and tactics and you will surely find what you’re looking for. Here are some alternative ways to look for jobs out there.

Job Boards and Online Sources
   While some companies still post on literal job boards, most (if not all) have already shifted to online or virtual format. Take advantage of the convenience that the Internet offers. Search through job sites like, for example that is a useful online resource for job vacancies. With such career website, you can easily find hundreds of employments opportunities without in such a short amount of time. Or, if you already have a company in mind, regularly check their website for any vacancy.

   We are living in a ‘social’ world where everyone is connected to everybody through online social networks like Facebook and Twitter and other tools such as LinkedIn. Through these networking sites, you get to connect with other people who may know some job openings or may know other people who do. Of course, networking can also be accomplished in person by attending events, joining associations, and other social groups within your field. Not all jobs are posted, and you might just find yours through a friend’s Facebook friend.

Job Fairs and Events

    Yes, job fairs are still alive and kicking.  While more of these job fairs target a specific field, some are more generalized such as The Skills Show which is one of UK’s largest skills and careers event. This will be held in Birmingham on November 17-19, 2016. And if you aren’t very lucky, you can try Skills London 2016, the city’s biggest jobs and careers event coming this December.

   There are thousands of jobs out there waiting for you, and there are several other ways of finding what you want – through a recruitment agency, cold calling, or even joining an internship that may lead to a permanent position. In this modern age we are living, it is always best to up your game. Successful job searching is usually a combination of several methods and tactics. So be creative, and don’t hesitate to try out different methods.

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