How the Color of Your Prom Dress Can Make or Break Your Look


   Choosing your prom dress often seems more overwhelming than fun as you contemplate not only styles but a vast array of colors as well. It’s no longer just a few colors of dresses but a million shades of each hue so it can seem nerve-wracking trying to narrow it down.
    Let me offer some suggestions for you to help you in selecting a color so you’ll look stunning and not end up having a fashion disaster.

    Prom Décor and Atmosphere-Does your prom have a theme? Often your prom’s them and decor is influenced by the location. For instance, if your prom is being held a modern hall with featuring city lights and metallic decorations, you may consider wearing bold colors like magenta or purple and glittering gold’s or silver. Likewise, if your prom takes place near the water or in an overflowing garden, you want softer, romantic shades, like baby blues, soft pinks, and lavender, in other words spring colors.

    Coordinate with your date-You don’t have to be all matchy-matchy but you’ll want to complement each other and not clash. For example, springy, pastel shades like lavender, sea blue or carnation pink would look better if your date wore a white or light grey tux or suit versus a dark one.  Now if you prefer bolder colors like red, bright blues, or rich purples, than your date wearing a dark tux is ideal. You’ll also want to coordinate your corsage with his boutonniere and possible coordinate your dress with his tie etc.

    Your skin tone– You can figure out your skin tone undertone by looking at your veins. If you have bluish veins, you have a cool undertone and they are green, you have a warm undertone.  If you have a winter complexion or cool undertones, try shades like hot pinks, cherry red or even basic black or silver. Warm-toned girls should try orange-red gowns, chocolate brown or ivory, but should avoid a true black or white dress as it accentuates yellowish skin.

    Hair color-You also don’t want your dress to clash with your hair and while there are exceptions, these are a few exceptions.  Brunettes have the most lee-way as warm brunettes look stunning in orangey –reds, teal, purple, and caramel brown, while cool-toned brunettes look ravishing in bluish reds, emerald green, ice blue, or a grayish-black.  Blondes can wear a variety as well including orange-red dresses, yellow, ivory, coral, and a variety of jewel tones. Redheads must use caution and look ravishing in green, and various shades of brown and metallics. Once you’ve decided on a color, you can find perfect dress for the perfect price.

     The color of your dress really does make or break you on prom night. You don’t want to be overdressed or underdressed compared to your date. It’s very important that if you want to get all glitzed up, you see if he’s on the same page.
     Any suggestions you’d like to add? Share it to us in the comments section.

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