How to Get the Right Lighting in Your Home

     Lighting is an important element within any room of your home and not just for practical reasons. The lights you choose can affect the overall ambiance and style of a room, which is why you’ll need to choose lighting that complements your décor and adds to the look and feel of your home.
    Thankfully, this isn’t a hard task as there are a number of designer lighting retailers like that bring you an eclectic mix of lighting to choose from. Team this with a few simple tips and you’ll find yourself lighting your way to interior design perfection.

Lighting Your Kitchen
    Because of the many different functionalities a kitchen has, including meal preparation and family gatherings, it’s incredibly important that this space is lit correctly. Consider installing task lighting over workspaces and beneath cabinets so you can easily prepare food and read cookbooks. Then, opt for ambient lighting in recesses and around your eating area so you can switch off the task lights to create a warmer, more inviting atmosphere at meal times.
Lighting Your Living Room
    When you’re adding lights to living spaces, it’s important to consider what tasks are going to be carried out there. As living rooms are going to be used for relaxing or entertaining, think about what activities you’ll require lighting for, e.g. reading or playing games. Table lamps are great for creating this additional task lighting without detracting from the style or ambience of your room. Got some stunning pieces of art on your walls? Why not highlight these with some accent lighting?
Lighting Your Bathroom
   Overhead lighting isn’t going to be adequate enough for shaving or plucking eyebrows, so always be sure to install lights on either side of your mirror. And don’t forget the other fundamental aspect of a bathroom – relaxation – because lighting will play a huge role in this. So, be sure to add warm lighting as well as task lighting in this space so you’re free to pick and choose depending on the task at hand.
Lighting Your Bedroom
    Task lighting is a must in the bedroom and table lamps at either side of the bed are ideal for this. These not only provide you with mood lighting on an evening when you turn off the overhead light but they also create a his-and-hers set of lights so you or your partner can continue reading without disturbing the other.

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