Sneakers - A comfortable fashion trend

     Remember the days in which you would only wear sneakers to the gym or see them at high shool boys? Well, times have changed and now sneakers have become a real staple in every men's and woman's wardrobe. That shouldn't come as a big surprise because  these babies are comfortable, durable and they can style an outfit in no time. Besides that, you can wear them all year round and for various occasions without any problems.

    Of course, there are some rules that you have to keep in mind when you go shopping for sneakers. Don't jump on the first nice pair that you see, just because they look cool. Think of your personal style, think about your wardrobe and if you have with what to match them correctly. That way, you can be sure that you can wear those sneakers without having the fear that you look ridiculous.

    Yes, sneakers are very versatile and you can wear them with a suit too if it's the right one, but when the situations require an elegant dress code, make sure you leave them out of the picture. It is also very important to take proper care of your sneakers, that way you will have them longer and they will always look like new.

    My husband loves sneakers as much as I do. We both prefer casual outfits, so we're always looking for the latest sneaker trends and models. As I was browsing the Internet, I came across this awesome Nike Air Pegasus trainers and I knew they were just perfect for my husband. I love the way they look, simple yet special. I went for black trainers because you can combine them with several outfits without having the fear that you won't match.The golden sole makes them special and gives the entire outfit a fresher approach. I ordered them from Infinities and I was surprised of how fast they were delivered to me.

     What are your favourite trainers for fall? Let me know your answers in the comment box below.

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