5 Ways to Bring the Outdoors into Your Home

     Rustic, natural looks are becoming increasingly popular in interior design as more of us want to bring the outside in. Nature boasts a revitalising, calming feeling, so why wouldn’t we want to incorporate this more into our living spaces? Of course, we could just bring some more plants into our home but there are some other great ways that you can bring the outside in and here are just some of them:
 1. Use Natural Patterns and Fabrics
Inspired by nature, materials such as hemp, rattan and wicker are a must for creating this calming oasis in your home. From chairs to baskets, there are a number of ways you can bring these natural textures into your interior design. They’ll also help you to create different layers of design within your home, adding to the overall impact of your décor.

2. Install Natural Flooring 
Instead of opting for cold man-made materials, opt for something warm and inviting like bamboo, cork or wood. These natural materials won’t just add to the overall organic feeling you’re creating in your home but will also feel much warmer underfoot.

3. Bring in Natural Light and Keep Your Windows Open

Natural light is essential when you’re trying to create this outdoors-inspired space, so try to throw as much natural light into the room as possible. Equally, if you’re changing your windows, why not go for something that will allow you to open them wide and let the natural fragrance of the outdoors flood in? Sash windows from companies like Mighton Products are a great idea.

4. Choose Colours that are Inspired by Nature
To make sure you feel like you’re outside when you’re sat on your sofa, choose colours that are inspired by the great outdoors. Think greens, yellows, blues and neutral tones. Use these in your décor, bedding, curtains and walls before adding to them with natural things such as flowers, fruit and wooden accessories. 

5. Opt for Eco-Friendly Products
Nothing will make you feel closer to nature than eco-friendly products that have been made from the elements of the earth. Almost all of the products in our home come in an eco-friendly variety, including towels and bedding and even paint and cleaning products. Not only will this help you to feel calmer and at one with nature but it also means you’re doing your bit for the environment too! 

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