Finding the perfect family car

    Looking for a new car is never an easy job, looking for a new family car is even harder in my opinion. You have to take into consideration so many things, look at different models and what they have to offer and I didn't even get to the financial part yet.
    We never thought of changing our beloved car until this year, when space became an issue. Our baby grew and with two kids, the need for a bigger space got bigger and bigger, until we decided that it's time to make a change.
     The first thing that my husband and I agreed upon, was the fact that we will go for a second-hand car instead of a new one. We chose this option because a second-hand car is a lot cheaper than a new one and with two kids you can't really go for the latest models on the market. After that, we set a budget for the car and decided to stick to it and only look for models that fitted in the budget. This made my search a lot easier because I only concentrated on the cars that we could actually afford instead of losing time looking for more luxury models.
   Of course, we always had in mind plan B. If we did find a more expensive car to buy, we could always go for a bad credit car finance and make it ours. Companies, like Moneybarn, offer these credits even if your credit history is not so good.
     Once we've finished talking about the financial part, we started looking for cars that will suit our family and trust me, that's not so much fun as I thought it would be because there's so much to consider when you buy a car like this.
    I concentrated on looking for a bigger car because every time we go on holiday with the kids our car was stuffed with things. So now, I decided that space won't be an issue anymore. After I picked a model that fitted all the criteria, I made sure that the reviews were good and most important, that it suited all the safety criteria that we had on our list.
     In the end, we went for a spacious Renault Laguna and I have to say that we are very pleased with our choice.

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