Great Stocking Filler Ideas This Christmas

Stocking fillers are one of the best types of Christmas gifts. Small, unexpected items that are certain to put a smile on the recipients face. Shopping around for the perfect stocking fillers surprises can be difficult, with so much to choose from. Starting early and picking little bits and bobs up as you go along is often the best way to make sure you get all the best gifts in time for the big day. With this in mind, here’s a few unique stocking filler ideas you can get today to kick start your Christmas shopping:

Personalised Gifts
One thing that everyone loves no matter what their age is a personalised gift. Whether it’s a monogrammed travel wallet, a scarf with their initials sewn on or engraved piece of jewellery, personalised gifts always go down well. Ideal gifts for adult stocking fillers are these lovely personalised bottles of alcohol from Just Miniatures which are sure to go down a treat, with the option to write your own personalised message on the side of the bottle too.

Bits and Bobs
Socks, slippers and snuggly hot water bottles all make great stocking fillers. From being essentials that people need, Christmas gives you the opportunity to buy them nicer versions of things they’d usually stock up on as essentials. So don’t be afraid to go for household items, like mugs or coasters, why not even treat the party people in your life to a fancy cocktail shaker. If you can try to find gifts with sweet messages on or cute designs that people wouldn’t normally treat themselves to.

No matter how naff buying toiletries may seem, they always come in handy and never go to waste. The way to get buying toiletries right is to avoid the bog standard gift box sets and select individual items you know someone will love. From a luxury aftershave balm for the men in your life to a patchouli body scrub for the ladies, well-selected toiletries always impress, as long as you show you thought about the person in question before buying.

Scarfs, Hats and Gloves
Winter essentials like scarfs, hats and gloves always make great stocking fillers. Whether it’s your mum and you want to treat her to a pair of soft leather gloves or some stretchy magic gloves for kids or even gloves that you can still use your iPhone with for the teens in your life, a hat, glove and scarf combo is a sure stocking filler winner.

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