Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation Review

  Hello my lovely friends,
     If you follow me for a while you probably know that I am a big fan of Rimmel products, especially of their foundations. With that being said, it was only normal that I would try their new release, the Fresher Skin Foundation.
    The Fresher Skin Foundation is being described as a breathable, natural finish foundation. It's meant to offer a natural and fresh finish that stays shine free the whole day. Its formula includes Aloe, Chamomille and Sea Algae extracts that help reduce redness and even out the skin tone.

    I have to say that the packaging was the first thing that caught my attention. This foundation comes in a glass pot, instead of a bottle, like all the other Rimmel foundations. Although the packaging looks really nice and catches the eye, I have to say that I don't like it for hygienic reasons. Every time I use it I have to dip my brush or my finger inside the jar and things can get really messy.

     When I bought this, I thought that the consistency would be mousse-like, but I was wrong. For this foundation, Rimmel came up with a pretty unique gel-like texture that had never been used in the beauty industry before. When you first touch it, you can feel the gel texture and once you start blending it out, it becomes creamy and silky.

      I tried to apply this foundation with my Sigma F80 brush, but I did not like the result. I applied it with my makeup blender from Ebelin and the result was much better. The coverage is light to medium, so if you prefer a foundation with a lot of coverage, you can skip this one. Although Rimmel says that this is a foundation offers a shine-free finish, I would have to disagree. It looks quite dewy on my face, which isn't necessarily a bad thing because I usually set my foundation with a powder.

    I knew from the start that this is going to be a foundation with a light coverage, but I'm ok with that. I like the fact that it evens out my skin tone and that it offers me a healthy glow.
   If you are looking for a light coverage foundation that will offer you that fresh glow, give this one a try, for the price, it's really a steal and you have 6 shades to choose from.
   If you prefer a little more coverage and a more matte look, then try to look for something else that will suit your needs.
   Overall, I am pleased with this product and happy that I gave it a try. Will I repurchase it anytime soon? Hard to say, I think no. I have other favourite foundations at the moment, but who knows what the future will bring, right?
   Have you tried Fresher Skin from Rimmel? What do you think of it?
   Until next time, take care and don't forget to smile!

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