5 Fun Winter Activities

    Once the cold season has settled in, most of our weekends are spent on the couch in front of the TV, especially when the cold weather is being unfavourable for venturing outdoors. But a cold weather doesn't mean that you have to hibernate until spring, so here are a few tips to keep your winter weekends busy.

1. Take long walks and discover new places
      I'm sure that you know your local park very well, but everything looks different in winter. Gather up with you friends and discover new places. You can even sign up for a photography class and capture winter's magic in photos.
2. Practice winter sports
      Skiing, snowboarding, skating, you name it. Give one of them, or maybe all, a try. You never know which one you might end up loving, plus it will get your body out of the hibernation state. Ice skating is fun and cheap. So call your friends, get the proper gear from Skate Hut on and meet up at the skating ring, you can thank me later.
3. Sledding
      No, we're not kids anymore but this is a great activity for a bunch of reasons. First of all, it's a great exercise, so you can skip going to the gym. Running up on those hills on the snow can be quite challenging, so you're getting a complete workout and having a lot of fun! Second of all, even if we're grown-ups now, sledging will always bring back old memories and the same joy that we felt when we were kids.
4.  Have fun in the snow
       Oh, this brings back some good old memories. I remember what a joy we had every time it snowed. We could go outside and build snowmen, make snow angels, play with snowballs, it felt like the whole was ours. Even now, I love playing in the snow with my children. I love to see their happy faces, plus it's a great way to spend family time in nature.
5. Get creative in the kitchen
      After a long day spent outside in the cold, there's nothing better than a hot chocolate and a nice piece of pie in front of the fireplace. Get creative, play with spices, try different recipes, I'm sure your friends will love it!
     What are your ideas for the perfect winter weekend?

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