5 Reasons To Choose Handmade Gifts This Holiday Season

      Christmas is just around the corner and that means that we have to start thinking what presents to get our family and friends this year. Although this might seem an easy and fun job, trust me, it isn't quite so. It is very difficult to find the right present for someone that already has everything and the last thing you want, is to spend money on a gift that will remain unused.
     What is the solution, you might ask. Well, my friend, how about offering handmade gifts this year? How does that sound? In case you are not convinced yet, I've put together a list of reasons one should consider offering handmade gifts this year. Enjoy!
 1. They are one of a kind
         I often hear my husband say "I like that, it's so special/ no one else had it" and although I laugh, I know he is right. There's nothing nicer than to receive a unique gift. Not only it makes you feel special as a person, but you will also have something that no one else has.
2. They are personal
      In my opinion, there's nothing harder than trying to find a gift for a person that has already everything. That is why a handmade gift is suitable even for the pickiest person because you can personalise it to their own taste and with that you can't go wrong. For example, I gave my mother in law a big frame last year, full of pictures that we took on our holiday together. She loved it and she hung it on her wall right away. Even to this day, she talks about it, that's how happy she was. For my father in law, I made a knitted scarf that he loved and that came very handy on the cold days.  You know your loved ones best and only by thinking of them you will find a lot of unique handmade gift ideas.
3. They are less expensive
     Usually, a handmade present is less expensive than a purchased one. That is not a general rule and it mostly depends on what you want to create, but it's a fact that handmade gifts are cheaper.
4.  Show off your talents
       I don't mean show off in a bad way, but it's nice when your work is appreciated. I mean, maybe your family has no idea that you love crafting or knitting and if you give them something made by yourself, not only will they treasure it, but they will also be impressed by your talent.
5. Great way to bond with your children
     I love to create gifts with my oldest daughter. She loves crafting as much as I do, so I can say that I found a trustworthy ally in her. This experience brought us even closer because we spend time together while we create gifts for our loved ones.
  So, if you have creative talents, show them! There's nothing better than seeing somebody wear, use or display what you created for them.

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