Easy ways To Bring Luxury To Your Bathroom

 When we think of glitz and glamour, our first thought might not always be the bathroom but; there is no reason why you can't spruce up your space. The bathroom can be one of the busiest rooms in the house and can be the perfect place to relax in the evening so why not give it some attention.

Due to frosted privacy glass and the size of bathrooms, they don’t tend to be the most well-lit rooms in the house. Having good lighting in a bathroom is very important for shaving, flossing and bathing so careful consideration should be taken when picking your lighting. Dimmable spotlights work really well in bathrooms, giving you the choice between bright lights to groom and cosy, soft lighting for your soak in the tub.

We’ve all lusted after a celebrity style dressing room and Illuminated bathroom mirrors or cabinets add a touch of instant, practical glamour into a bathroom. They will give you a fantastic statement piece for your bathroom and the perfect place to do your makeup or brush your teeth in a well-lit space.

With tablets and touchscreens, technology can sometimes take over our day to day lives but, it can have its place in the bathroom. Waterproof TVs and speakers have been developed so that you can catch up on shows in any surroundings. If you’re feeling extravagant, you can buy mirrors with bluetooth connectivity to play your favourite songs while you spend time in your bathroom. Time to make that bathtime playlist!

Soft furnishings
Adding some plush, soft furnishings to your bathroom can give the room an instant expensive look. Splash out on some high-quality towels to keep laundered and folded next to the bath for a spa feel at home. Getting some bathmats that tie in with the decor and towels, made from a soft fabric, will keep the room feeling warm and inviting. You could also swap your tired old shower curtain for a sleeker looking glass screen that will help you switch off from the world while you have a soak. Make sure you keep your favourite dressing gown hung on the back of the door for when it's time to get out!

The final finishing touch to add some luxury to your bathroom is to add some scents. Try out some reed diffusers until you find the perfect scent that will match the feel of the room. You could also invest in some scented candles to add a warm glow to a cold night. Lavender scents are great to help you unwind and relax straight into bedtime.

Now all that is left to do is to run a bath with your favourite bubbles and take in your new luxurious surroundings!

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